Embracing a Healthy Family: New Rewards Shopping Site: LoveSpoils

New Rewards Shopping Site: LoveSpoils

Love Spoils - Spoils of Love
A study conducted by American Express found that couples are fighting more than ever regarding household finances – and it’s possible the threat of an argument is prompting some of these couples to sneak purchasessock money away in a secret bank account, or keep a credit card account hidden from their spouse or significant other.  I'd never do that ... would you (wink wink)?

The thing is, women love to shop usually and men dread trying to find the perfect gift for us so what better way than with LoveSpoils!  When they shop, we get points and vice versa for discounts on products you want.

Studies have shown that:
  •  61% of couples confirmed that discussions about the household budget are turning into arguments
  • Couples who fight about money once a week are 30% more likely to divorce than those who only quarrel a few times per month
  • The more consumer debt a newlywed couple accrues, the unhappier they become
  • Nearly 90% of divorces are caused by financial differences
  • The average rate of divorce in U.S. is 58%

LoveSpoils (www.LoveSpoils.com) provides a solution that encourages personal shopping for the sake of rewarding your significant other.  Both singles and couples can join LoveSpoils, either separately or in joint accounts, and accumulate reward points, called “LoveSpoils,” by purchasing items from a variety of online retailers.  These LoveSpoils can then be used to purchase and/or apply toward discounts to exclusive items and promotions on the LoveSpoils site – ideally intended for their significant other.  For example – if one partner goes online and purchases a set of golf clubs, their LoveSpoils reward points can be used by the other partner to obtain a discounted dress from Rent the Runway.

Just click on the site and you can request membership!

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