Embracing a Healthy Family: Running DOES Feel Good

Running DOES Feel Good

If you aren't a regular exerciser or a runner, you probably hear people say how good it feels to run.  I know it does as I used to run regularly but then I fell out of it.  I started running about six or seven week's ago (or maybe longer) and although I still have trouble getting motivated, I am sticking to it.  I trade it around with walking, running, riding and using the eliptical trainer.  I do know my legs are constantly sore with all the working out I'm doing but I also have lost 30 pounds so can't complain about that.  When I began my journey, I didn't go out and buy new clothing to work out as I already had it all but I did by the Sketchers runners with the toning quality to get a little boost.

Running 101
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That little boost might be why my legs hurt all the time.  Running seems like the impossible task if you are new at it but you would be surprised at how quickly you can build up.  I started walking to get warmed up and I remember doing that first run for one mile seemed like mission impossible or that I'd have more luck getting a date with Johnny Depp than finishing.  Much to my surprise, I was up to two miles in a week.  I learned that if I were too tired, I could just walk.  I also throw in some bursts now to really kick in the burn. I've read how one minute walking around 3.5 and bursting around 7 will really kill some calories in 20 short minutes.  It really is a work out and I know I have to have some energy to do that.

From my experiences, building up slowly from walking is the surest way to stay motivated.  If you try to fun five miles, you will get discouraged and quit.  Go at your comfort level and challenge yourself each week to go a bit further.  If you are walking, just walk and keep moving up your speed each week until you are ready to jog or run.  To have success, you can't make your goal impossible at the beginning.  Make a sustainable goal and build on that each week.

Good luck!

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Serena Michelle said...

I used to be pretty good at running (about 3 miles) back in the day. A couple weeks ago I committed to getting back on track with my health... rather than trying to argue with myself everyday to get on the dreadmill at home - I decided to just take the kids with me. They ride their bikes/scooters (I have a 7, 6, and 3 year old) while I walk. Yesterday I had so much extra energy that I shaved 2 minutes off my regular time on my first two laps around the block! I thought, let me try and jog a little. I made it an entire lap around the block! It felt like eternity, but I did it! Today I challenged myself to do it again and then did a little more.

I can't wait until I work my way up to actually running. It really does feel great - but mostly outdoors. I would never have been able to do what I did on the treadmill - there's just something magical about being outside! You mentally tell yourself - one more block, or just a couple more houses, etc...

Judy Joyce said...

One of the problems I have is I don't know how much is enough so I'm feeling like I'm not doing enough exercise. Some days, I'll walk, run and ride all in one day.

I prefer the treadmill but I think if I lived in a safe place, I would prefer to be outdoors.

Good for you on getting back on the healthy road and taking your little ones with you! Mine are really embracing it and loving the activity!

Thanks for commenting!

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