Embracing a Healthy Family: Newman's Own: Delicious!

Newman's Own: Delicious!

I received this huge box of Newman's Own and can't wait to share it with you.  This is not the same as Newman's products as this a company started by the infamous Paul Newman's daughter, Nell.  I saw her on Martha Stewart talking about her business, why organic products are important to her and the special memories she had for her father, Paul Newman.  It was a touching show because I still remember seeing it.  Paul Newman is a legend and when he passed, I was saddened in the lack of coverage on his death.  He was an actor I grew up with and watched him grow old like my father has.  He was beloved by so many and I admired him for his donation of proceeds from Newman's to charity.  He was all inspiring and now his daughter continues in his foot steps.

So far, I've tried the Caramel Cups, the Chocolate ABC Cookies, Raisins and the Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies and all I can say is YUMMY!  Some might expect an organic product to not taste as good but all these products are just fantastic.  I was very surprised myself at how good they are.  Rich in flavor and nothing is missing.  My girls loved the ABC cookies as well.

Stay tuned for more reviews and a giveaway!

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