Embracing a Healthy Family: Finally Moved!

Finally Moved!

This was one chaotic week or so after moving yet again.  I forgot how much I hated moving since this time, I didn't have a moving company doing all the work.  I was sore for days afterwards and running four miles is nothing compared to the pain I had from all those boxes and furniture.  Now that it's moved, I can get back to running and focusing on healthy living instead of stressful living!  The girls love their new home and are having a blast with the extra room we now have.  I just have to get their bedroom set up and I gave them their own playroom in hopes of keeping the toys in one place.  Unfortunately, the work out room didn't turn out well because hauling a treadmill upstairs was too big of a job.  I have the tanning bed and elliptical trainer in the exercise room which will serve as my craft room.  The treadmill is downstairs which will inspire me every time I open the fridge and the recumbent bike is in front of the big screen TV perfect for watching The Biggest Loser.

The other good news is my oldest and her baby are coming to visit next Saturday and I cannot wait!  We're going to spend the time making memories and progressing our non-profit for children with epilepsy.  It will make fore some fun times!

My middle child and I finished our book for children with epilepsy and the illustrations are beautiful!  I can't wait to find a publisher and I decided I need to finish my historical novel.  Hopefully, I will also be able to spend more time blogging!

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you were able to finish moving and everything is in its place.

Judy Joyce said...

Thank you!! :)

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