Embracing a Healthy Family: Healthy Directions Website & DIscount

Healthy Directions Website & DIscount

Dr. Aaron TaborHave you heard of Dr. Tabor?  If not, he has devoted his career to researching and developing scientific and medically based anti-aging solutions, including ground-breaking natural skincare therapies and weight-control products. He focuses specifically on the use of safe and effective skincare ingredients, as his research has found most anti-aging skincare therapies on the market to be scientifically baseless, ineffective, and even harmful. 

Dr. Tabor also believes that a woman’s external appearance is a direct reflection of her internal health, and he has made it his mission to develop effective products that contain ingredients that help women achieve total health, wellness, and beauty—from the inside out.  He is just one of the four doctors you can learn more by visiting the newly launched redesigned Healthy Directions website and save 15% off your entire purchase with code BLOGLUV.

The Healthy Directions website has been redesigned to provide a highly targeted experience for people to easily navigate and understand health conditions, putting them on the path to good health.  It features expert content and an e-commerce store, which offers an array of vitamins, supplements, skincare, and other health and wellness products.  The new site also provides visitors with access to Healthy Directions doctors, leaders in the industry who work with both alternative and conventional practices.


Healthy Directions provides:
  • Healthy Directions is a leading direct-to-consumer nutritional supplement company and publisher of alternative and complementary health newsletters, which has been providing doctor-guided health advice to address specific health concerns for more than twenty years. 
  • Healthy Directions has a strong history of doctor-developed formulations with incomparable safety, quality and consumer service. Their mission is to help people lead healthier, happier lives by providing expert guidance and advanced nutritional supplements from America’s leading doctors of integrative medicine.
  • The new website has been designed to help people easily navigate and understand health conditions and to provide them with information that will help put them on the path to good health. It combines the most useful doctor-guided information on how to address, treat, and cope with health ailments that affect a significant number of Americans including: heart disease, diabetes, digestion issues, arthritis, hormonal issues and aging.  
  • Previously only available via subscription newsletters, Healthy Directions’ rich online content will give consumers access to each doctor's philosophy, information on how to address a specific health issue, and feature answers to the most commonly asked questions related to achieving and maintaining good health.  

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