Embracing a Healthy Family: I Love My Spices

I Love My Spices

I just moved and for those of us like me who move around a lot, it's a pain.  My kitchen is a good bulk of the items I own from appliances to my spice rack.   I cherish my spices and so I have quite a few and they outgrow the rack I have for them.  I suppose it's probably time to look at other spice racks or even a wall spice rack to take on the extras I have.  I can't imagine cooking without them which I did for some time until I really started watching all the cooking shows and learned the importance of what spices can do for a dish.  I was really surprised at how the flavor can be enhanced with just a couple.  I also like fresh spices and pending on the spice, I will use them.

All in all, I purchase the traditional try, easy to use spices but when I cook, I don't like having to sort through shelves trying to find one which is why I need another spice rack!  A couple of days ago, I sent a text to my oldest with only, "spice rack" in the message.  She's always telling me how hard it is to shop for me so I figured I'd give her a hint.  One thing I do like are the selections available now for racks.  When I first hit adulthood, they were all boring and limited but now there are some really cool designs that are functional too.  All I know is I love to cook and bake and without my spices, I'd be lost.

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