Embracing a Healthy Family: Beyond Coastal Sunscreen Review & Giveaway 5/31

Beyond Coastal Sunscreen Review & Giveaway 5/31

UPDATE:  I have to contact Rafflecopter because when I went in this morning to pick and announce the winner, the form is missing for this contest.  I will update as soon as they respond as I have never had this happen before.

My girls love the outdoors and I think they get that from me.  I've always been one to prefer being outside than inside or at least until computers became an addiction.  Actually, it's not that addicting as I have no problem turning it off to get some sunshine.  One of our new favorite places we found is a little unknown place in New Mexico called White Sands Monument.  It's gorgeous and beyond words.  It has beautiful white sand dunes nestled near the mountains with abundant sunshine.  It's a mecca for those wanting to capture the beauty and for those wanting to sled down those same dunes.  I have a fair skinned red head so I had to be very careful and not let her burn which is where I definitely had to use sunscreen.  I just happened to recently receive a complimentary supply of various Beyond Coastal products.

In case you have not heard of Beyond Coastal, they are a true broad-spectrum of protection packed with moisturizing botanical anti-oxidants that not only nourish your skin but also repairs and hydrates.  The Natural Formula Sunscreen provides 100% natural sunscreen protection from UVA rays with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  As a sunscreen with 30+, it effectively blocks 97% of UVB rays.  

When we went to the White Sands park, I used the Natural Sunscreen Kids and the Active Face Stick along with the lip balm.  I've actually used it many other times as well.  The stick went on nice and easy unlike some that seem to grab the skin and pull to effectively leave some behind on the face.  It wasn't greasy and Natural Clear Sunscreen was perfect in not leaving behind that ghostly white appearance.  I really liked the stick since I didn't have to use my hands for application.  I did find that I was able to remove the other sunscreen types from my hands without having that sticky, greasy feeling.

The lip balm is amazing!  For some reason, I have had to endure chapped lips a lot along with my oldest daughter.  Nothing was effective in stopping it long term until I started using the Active Lip Balm and now my lips are finally not chapped!

Here is the result:  No Sunburn!!!

More About Beyond Coastal:
  • Active Sunscreens
  • Natural Sunscreens
  • Active Lip Balm
  • After Sun Moisturizer
  • Sampler Packs
  • Large Travel Kits
  • Small Travel Kids
  • Free Shipping During Month of May
  • Made in the US
  • One of 322 companies named a "champion" by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

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*Disclosure:  I received the Beyond Coastal product, information and giveaway items from Beyond Coastal.  The opinions are of my own.

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Karen Glatt said...

There is Essential nutrients to refresh and rejuvenate your skin and one example of a nutrient is Rose Hip Oil! What a great way to nourish my skin while using this product!

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