Embracing a Healthy Family: Chloraseptic® Review and New Children's Products

Chloraseptic® Review and New Children's Products


I just recently recovered from a three week plus cold with a killer sore throat along with my children.  Finding relief for a sore throat as a child, not to mention an adult, can be trying.  My younger one has restrictions on what she can take so turning to Chloraseptic® is a choice for me and since it's the number one recommended product by pharmacists, I feel better.  From lozenges to sprays to products just for kids, they fit the bill for everyone in my family.

Green Tea Lozenges Green Tea Lozenges

What makes  Chloraseptic®  unique in my opinion?  The warming soothing liquid center that delivers fast relief.  The benzocaine provides temporarily relief from minor irritation, pain, sore mouth and sore throats.  I received complimentary boxes of  Chloraseptic®  Warming Sore Throat Lozenges in Honey Lemon and Green Tea flavors.  I'm not a fan of honey which is unfortunate due to the health benefits I've read of it.  I did my oldest try them and she did find instant relief and used them throughout her bout with the cold.  

Kids Lollipops

What is nice about the  Chloraseptic®  page, you can choose the age of your child and determine which products are available to them to avoid giving them an incorrect product.  They also have the standard Spray that many of us grew up with along with a portable targeted spray and Lollipops in three flavors which I have tried with my children in the past.  It's a great way to administer relief without a fight.

Chloraseptic® has a great resource of information on their page to include cold/flu trackers, seasonal tips, reviews, links, what's new, special offers and more.

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*Disclosure:  I received complimentary samples of product by  Chloraseptic® .  The opinions are of my own.

Chloraseptic® lozenges contain benzocaine which temporarily relieves minor irritation, pain, sore mouth and throat. Chloraseptic®, when used as directed, provides safe, effective and fast relief.*
*Note regarding responsible and safe use of benzocaine containing products:
Prestige Brands is committed to sharing and reinforcing appropriate product usage information to ensure the responsible and safe use of over the counter products. Recently the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) communicated a rare adverse effect in certain over-the-counter consumer products containing benzocaine. Specifically, the FDA recommended that caregivers of children under the age of two years old should consult their physician or healthcare professional before giving products containing benzocaine. We are working with the FDA to determine appropriate actions, but continue to advise consumers seeking further information regarding use of benzocaine to consult their health care provider.

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