Embracing a Healthy Family: Dawn® Power Clean™ Creating Efficiencies

Dawn® Power Clean™ Creating Efficiencies

We run here.  We run there.  We pay the bills.  We clean the house.  We take the children to the doctors and so much more.  Women today are busier than ever as more and more are stacked on our plates. Finding short cuts is essential to balance all that we have to do while staying sane.  Creating these little efficiencies add up after time.  I like to have a clean house but I do suffer from clutter because I'm just not good with throwing things away.  

I would have been perfect living during the Great Depression because they saved everything.  I know I wished I was inspired to clean as my grandmother did but I'm not.  This is one big place that I look for time savers and doing dishes is no exception.  I received a compliment Dawn® Power Clean™ kit to try out first hand and I can say, it works.  In just as little as five minutes, dishes come clean as if you left them overnight to soak.

Granted, sometimes leaving them to soak is one of those steps that allows you to feel you did something and you can walk away but it's not always the best way to get that task finished.  This is why I definitely will purchase Dawn® Power Clean™ when I run out of my current bottle.  Dawn® is a brand I trust and have used over the years but I've not experienced a dish detergent that actually worked so well right off the bat.  This may seem like a small step but this one task definitely saves me time as I don't want to spend a long time cleaning dishes.  I am always looking for ways to cut down on my household tasks.  

Some of my tips include:

  • Purchasing one of those floor cleaners that vaccuum, wash and dry all in one.  I just did that and love it!  It helps to make the task of washing the floor less cumbersome.
  • I sort my garbage by recyclables in one container and regular garbage in another for fast waste removal.
  • When I run the dishwasher, I always throw the dish sponge in the wash to ensure it stays clean and contains less bacteria thus releasing me from the task of bleaching and cleaning separately. 
  • When I use the oven, I always line the pan or sheet with aluminum foil to ease the cleaning process.  Efficient or lazy?  Not sure but it helps!

What are some of the ways you save time in the kitchen with your daily routine?  If you haven't checked out Dawn® Power Clean™, you might want to.  It works and will give your dishes a nice shine without having to soak overnight.  It wasn't harsh on my hands and a little bit goes a long way.  It cuts through the grease with ease and the Dawn® Power Clean™ micro-scrubbing enzymes power through food mess with ease.  I took the challenge and was won over.

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