Embracing a Healthy Family: Ficklets: Helping Kids Love Their Glasses Needs Your Vote!

Ficklets: Helping Kids Love Their Glasses Needs Your Vote!

Sometimes something simple strikes a business idea and it takes off.  As parents and individuals, we take these moments in life where we think of something that would be an improvement to an unmet need.  This is how Ficklets was born.  During one of those 'ah ha' moments, inventor Ros Guerrero was thinking about her daughter and her glasses.  Anyone who is a parent knows how we struggle as parents to do all we can for our children and at times, our hands our tied.  From the basics to the complicated, we want our children's lives to be easier, simpler and more fun.  Ros' daughter, Gem, is a special needs child and has her limitations that any child has.  Gem is a remarkable young lady who in spite of her limitations, is fun loving and can keep up with the rest of us.  
Gem's eyeglasses were a small source of frustration with her which is where mom steps in.  As Ros was sitting on the couch one evening thinking about Gem's glasses, she thought of a way to make glasses more fun and more personalized.  Her idea for the first patented eyewear charm huggers were sure to be a hit among other children who wanted to add new life to their glasses.  From this idea grew a bigger business to offer more choices in more areas of the world.  Ros is a power house trying to grow her business while helping children with their self-esteem.  Ros is continuously supporting charitable causes along her journey as the mompreneur making a difference.  

In an effort to expand and grow her options with Ficklets as well as expand in new territories, Ros has applied to win a $250,000 grant from Chase in the Small Mission event.  Your vote can make the difference in helping her achieve further business goals.  Voting is until June 30th and is done via Facebook with one vote per account.  Voting is free and easy.


Please take a few seconds and vote for Ficklets as we try to win a $250,000 business grant.  

Just click on the link, login via your Facebook account and type:

Ficklets, click search and vote

It's one vote per Facebook account and voting ends 6/30 - please share and help spread a little help to three deserving women!  They only need 250 votes to qualify!

Thank you!

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