Embracing a Healthy Family: My Frigidaire Do-Over Moment

My Frigidaire Do-Over Moment

My Children, Grand-baby and Son-in-Law
Life is a roller coaster of good bad and everything in between and one thing for certain, we don't get to do it over.  I suppose that isn't necessarily accurate as there are some decisions or situations we could do over but for those that we can't, should we look back or move forward with the knowledge we gained?  I suspect we have many of those times we thought if only but we didn't.  I think about what I'd do over and wonder if I really would want to do anything over in case it changed the path I ended up.  To have a life without my three beautiful daughters is unimaginable or at least that's how I see it but my dad has another take on that theory in that we are who we are and would be regardless of the parent.  Interesting concept to say the least.  I wonder how many people's do overs involve love or a relationship because it can definitely have long lasting ramifications if the wrong path was chosen.  In a different circumstance, my do-over moment would be a choice I made at the ripe ol' age of 18.

My Girls and I
Life is full of unknowns but we think we know at that age.  Throw in some insecurities and you have a recipe for a surprisingly cautious young lady.  I could have stayed where I grew up or move along with my family across the state.  I ended up moving away and started a new life.  I could have stayed and often wonder what would have happened had I stayed in the place I grew up in.  I still have contact with some of my friends and their lives haven't changed a lot.  Some are still there and some moved away.  I think the only thing I really missed out on were the close connections with all those friends.  I have moved so much and never firmly established myself so I missed out on the years of bonding with friends.  Although not much a do-over moment it's the one thing that if I had done over and made a different decision, my life would have been vastly different.  However, I wouldn't change a decision if it meant my path now would be any different.

Even though we cannot have do-over moments, especially that long ago, we can ensure we do things right the first time without having to second guess our experiences in this wonderful thing called life.  I'm glad I stuck with my decision to move away because it afforded me with so many opportunities and experiences that I wouldn't have had if I stayed put.  Having the opportunity to travel across Europe, meet such interesting people, having an incredible career and three beautiful children reminds me I made the best decision.  I think I do have a suggestion for Johnny Depp, he needs a do-over moment with picking me as his future wife!  A girl can dream can't she?

*Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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