Embracing a Healthy Family: Next Giveaway: You Decide

Next Giveaway: You Decide

I'm planning our next giveaway but wanted to poll everyone what you wanted to see for a giveaway:

1.  A fitness prize pack worth over $300
2.  A $50 Amazon gift card
3.  A $50 Outback Steakhouse gift card
4.  $50 PayPal cash

Please leave a comment or e-mail me at youthfultips@yahoo.com on your preference. 

As I prepare the html code for the blogger event in promoting this event, please take a moment to help out two mompreneurs win a $250k grant!  Thanks!


Please take a second and vote for a great mompreneur win a $250,000 business grant.  Just click on the link and type in FICKLETS! She needs as many votes as she can get 6/30 and voting is FREE! Please share! Thanks!

Ficklets was started by mompreneur, Ros, to help her special needs daughter like her eyeglasses a little bit more.


Adorable Baby Clothing is also running for the same grant.  Cynthia is also a mompreneur and could use your vote.

You can use the same link as above but just type in Adorable Baby Clothing and vote after you vote for Ficklets.  

It's one vote per Facebook account and voting ends 6/30.

Please note that voting is not expected rather just a request from my readers to help out a couple of friends.  

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Karen Glatt said...

I like the $50 dollar Amazon giveaway! Thanks for your giveaways!

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