Embracing a Healthy Family: MAM Oral Care Review

MAM Oral Care Review

Good oral hygiene is part of being healthy which is something I'm huge about hence the title of my blog. I'm a stickler to my children when it comes to brushing their teeth and although they are not as good as flossers as I would like, they try so I give them that.  They have nice white teeth because I do reinforce the importance of keeping their mouths healthy.  My grandchild is no exception as her mom was taught to take care of teeth too (she can thank me with some cheesecake)!  MAM Oral Care have so many products to help your children take care of their teeth.  

Some important facts that many aren't aware of is that good oral care begins before teeth emerge.  Taking care of those little gums before a tooth pops through is a good step in helping them with good oral care.  Just using a simple cloth and water can help the gums and when that first tooth does pop through, a soft toothbrush and water can do the trick. It is recommended to not use toothpaste until your child is two and to only use a small amount such as the size of a pea.  It's one thing I've taught my girls and that is to use a small amount.  Beginning children at a young age with good oral hygiene also helps to reinforce the habit as they grow.

The products we received in our review package included:

  • Oral Care Rabbit - a soft cloth that is ideal for gums and cleaning first teeth.
  • Massaging Brush - this is a good first toothbrush starting at around three months.
  • Training Brush - perfect for teaching your little one to brush their own teeth.  It has a longer handle so mom or dad can help to hold it.
  • First Brush - this one has a shorter handle to your little one can hold it himself and it fits perfectly in their little mouths.
  • Bite & Brush - a teether that not only soothes the gums but also gently cleans them.

My little grand daughter enjoyed using the first brush on her teeth.  We also tried the Oral Care Rabbit on her back teeth and she ended up doing it herself.  My friend who has a baby, tried out the massaging brush and the Bite & Brush and her baby responded well to both.  She liked the ease of use of both and has continued to use them to help keep her baby's gums clean.

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*Disclaimer: I received complimentary products from MAM for the purposes of this review.  The opinions are of my own.

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