Embracing a Healthy Family: The Impossible Genius Relationship? Check Out The Big Bang Theory

The Impossible Genius Relationship? Check Out The Big Bang Theory

If you reading this and watch The Big Bang Theory, you probably have a bit of experience with mixmatched couples.  Whether it's yourself or someone you know, you probably experienced that moment when you realized that either you or someone else didn't measure up in a relationship.  Often times, it's an intelligent factor and from what I know, if the female is smarter than the man, that can cause all sorts of issues.  At first, it's probably pretty cool for the man but after time, they realize that something is amiss and it usually boils down to a control issue.  For the female, there are all sorts of discontentment issues that follow.  I'm not saying this is true of all relationships where one is smarter than the other because someone usually is.  This is more the extreme where someone might be considered a genius.

On the Big Bang Theory, it's just the case with Penny and Leonard.  Leonard is the big smart, physics genius and who can really compare to someone with that level of genius?   Not only is their relationship complicated but when you throw that in, it's going to be pretty hard.  Even after going on a date, Penny ends up breaking things off with Leonard fearing she isn’t as smart as the physics genius. 

Have you ever had an experience like that or new someone who had?

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