Embracing a Healthy Family: Tooth Fairy, Homeschooling and Changes

Tooth Fairy, Homeschooling and Changes

My youngest just turned five but she shouldn't have turned five until later this month except she was early.  Due to her medical conditions, she is tiny for her age.  I sometimes worry about how small she is and hope she will have a growth spurt.  I was encouraged at her doctor visit two times ago as he noted the last growth spurt and even checked her spine to ensure everything was alright.  She just lost her second bottom tooth and it's so so tiny.  I was afraid it would be lost before the Tooth Fairy could exchange it for some money.  She's so excited about losing her teeth as any child is.  My nine year old caught on to the excitement and decided a couple of her permanent teeth were loose which I quickly explained how that would be impossible so she left them alone.  Relief!

I can't believe it's mid July already and I've been working feverish in getting my nine year old enrolled in a virtual academy.  I already have curriculums but since I'm returning to the work force, I need something to help.  My oldest, her fiance and my grand baby are going to move with me to help take care of the girls when I have to work and travel which is a huge relief.  I can't put them in regular school or daycare due to my five year's old immune system and lungs.  Every time she catches a cold, it results in a trip to the ER and/or hospitalization so I have to keep them healthy.  When my nine year old first started public school and for the first three years, we were constantly sick and my five year old nearly succumbed down in a children's hospital in Savannah.  Since I started homeschooling, they rarely get sick. They never get the flu shot or anything like that and they have been remarkably healthy.

As I embark on returning to the professional work force, I face new challenges again. Parenting while working is hard especially when it all falls on your shoulders but luckily, my oldest, who is 24, will be there to help.  Time to dust off the suits, the heels and the suitcases!

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