Embracing a Healthy Family: Win A 42 Inch LCD HDTV Sponsored By Tracky - ($430 Value) - US/Canada

Win A 42 Inch LCD HDTV Sponsored By Tracky - ($430 Value) - US/Canada

If you are like me, you want to watch TV on a clear picture and not one of those big bulky sets that will break your back if you try to move it.  All the craze are the HDTVs and I'm no exception in wanting one.  If you are a regular to my blog, you know that I try to promote the best of the best and this is one of them!  Tracky is sponsoring yet another one of these amazing giveaways in which you could win this 42 inch LCD HDTV over at Giveaway Scoop!  This giveaway is even open to my readers in Canada which is important to me because I know that many of my readers are Canadians.

Tracky is a social collaboration platform that will bridge your personal and professional circles.  It's a great place to hook up with other doers to get something done.  It's a great resource to socialize to meet others who have a common interest or goal, a place to manage tasks, to celebrate those collaborative networks we create and deliver your thanks when tasks are completed.  One thing I've learned, there is a wealth of information on the internet and you could spend days, weeks, months or longer trying to find the best answers but with Tracky, it's simplified.  You can even track all your giveaways in one spot!  That is a time saver!

For my regulars, I know you love to enter giveaways and I know that many of you win on other blogs!  I love sending out those messages alerting one of my readers they won and I enjoy letting my readers know of other fantastic giveaways.  With Giveaway Scoop, they provide all the giveaways in a great Pinterest feel.  The categories are simplified in that you can find new giveaways, all giveaways, expiring soon giveaways and featured giveaways.  You can even sort by date and category to eliminate giveaways that might not interest you.  

To enter, click here to win a 42 inch LCD HDTV sponsored by Tracky. The link is working again!

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neoh42f said...

This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for this opportunity :)

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