Embracing a Healthy Family: Free Blogger Event: Branson, MO

Free Blogger Event: Branson, MO

Here is another great free blogger event for a 3 day stay (Sept 21-23) at Best Western in Branson, MO in a Double Queen Room, a Gift Certificate for a free Manicure from En Vogue Nails, free Wine 101 Classes from Mount Pleasant Winery, & a gift basket full of full size goodies including: shampoo, conditioner, body wash (man & woman), & other items to be determined. Show tickets are also in the works for this giveaway. A free link is available for sharing this giveaway if you agree to promote the sign-up & posting this giveaway when it goes live daily. You can skip promoting the giveaway & sing-up for $10.00. Co-host spots are also available for $10.00. Three additional links are also available for $5.00. All funds will go to providing a gas card & additional prizes for this giveaway. 
****Payment are to be made as a gift to n-sidenout@hotmail.com Payments must also be made before this form is submitted.**** Free links will be worth 1 point in the giveaway, paid links will be worth 5 points, & co-host will be worth 25.

To sign up, click here.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for joining the giveaway. I left out the spot for your email in the giveaway form (has been corrected) Please send me your email to savinginbranson@gmail.com

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