Embracing a Healthy Family: WeightLossGuru Day 1 Prepping @petecohen_

WeightLossGuru Day 1 Prepping @petecohen_

I'm getting close to being home after a whirlwind cross country driving trip for a new job and visiting numerous family members.  I'm excited to get back to start my Day 1 with the WeightLossGuru program with Pete Cohen.  I just watched the Day 1 video and can say that I'm excited to start and Pete is definitely motivating.  I did start using the online journal as I find it useful to have the journal no matter where I'm at and not have to worry about losing it.  I started writing this the other day and now I'm at home and ready to go after being away for two weeks.  I'm starting Day 1 officially tomorrow and I'm watching the tools to get prepped.

My cousin Ruth (the shorter one hee hee) and I
There are definitely key aspects to the WeightLoss Guru program.  I think the video tools definitely help since it seems like Pete is talking directly to you.  He is very motivating and has that English accent which is a double bonus. Everything contained in the tools are definitely tools that will help you meet a weight loss goal.  Tomorrow is Day !

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