Embracing a Healthy Family: What's Your Style?

What's Your Style?

What's your style?  Are you casual?  Conservative?  Daring? A Fashionista?  I'm probably a bit of casual and conservative especially when it comes to my work attire.  I've enjoyed paying attention to the latest fashions but I am not one to rush out and buy the latest and greatest expensive purses.  I will pay for boots as I love boots!  I also like a good suit or dress and don't mind spending a bit more for that.  With school back in and the seasons changing, it's time to relook at my wardrobe to figure out what is new and what I don't have.

I also have the luxury of clothes shopping for my grandchild and my other three kids which is always fun.  They are not fashionistas yet but I'm hoping to get them pulled over in time.  My 24 year old is who I share my likes and dislikes with and I consult with her before I purchase anything.  I was trying to find her a cute dress which is where I found the cute dress on top in black and champaign.  It would look adorable on her and she actually liked it.  My favorite is the navy dress on the far bottom left.  I also like the price too!

What's your style?  Do you shop online or in person when you buy your clothes?

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Unknown said...

That champagne dress is beautiful.

Judy Joyce said...

I agree! I really like it!

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