Embracing a Healthy Family: Poise Feminine Wellness Products Awareness Party #PoiseFab5

Poise Feminine Wellness Products Awareness Party #PoiseFab5

I'm loving the new growing older mentality our society has adopted.  Although I feel it's leaning towards appearances too heavily, the fact that as we age, doesn't mean it's out to the pasture. I still marvel at the older celebrities who look amazing and although much is to do with plastic surgery, they still wow as much as they did in their younger ages such as Raquel Welch. It's about finding a balance with living healthy and being healthy and that starts out young.  I've preached to my girls in a subtle way about eating right and taking care of their skin and bodies.  I wished someone did that with me as I was growing up.  I have found you are never too young to start living healthy as we are all different and no two persons are alike.  We used to count on this age range of being when we stopped having acne or when we should stop trying to have babies.  We knew the age range existed and some defied it.  This is no different from menopause.  Menopause can hit in the 30's which most probably don't know.

Menopause and peri-menopause are what all women will encounter at some stage in their lives.  Some will be lucky and it will be a somewhat seeming-less passage to a new chapter in their lives.  I mean really, who wouldn't look forward to post-menopause of no menstrual cycle?  I know I can't wait!  What some may not realize, the road to menopause can take years and can be filled with many or little symptoms.  I took advantage of this opportunity to have some friends over for a Poise Feminine Wellness Products Menopause party.  What better way to learn about it then from those who have experienced it and or are going through it?
Poise Wellness Products at Walmart

I started my journey in learning more about Poise Feminine Wellness products by shopping at Walmart and I can say these products must be popular because there weren't many left!  I started out only purchasing the products for our party but I quickly added to the list as who can ever shop at Walmart for just the items they had on a list?  
What I did not know that Poise has these great five different products that work different on the symptoms of menopause:

  • Poise Roll-On Cooling Gel
  • Poise Body Cooling Towelettes
  • Poise Feminine Wash
  • Poise Panty Freshener
  • Poise Personal Lubricant

Reading up on tips and facts.

Chit Chat Time
Everyone say Cheese at the Poise Party

My guests weren't aware that September is Menopause Awareness Month and thanks to Walmart, they have some Fab 5 videos.  The Fab 5 are five women experiencing different symptoms of menopause and provide individual videos of how each one is coping.  It's really a great way to see what other women are doing to help as well as learn what to expect if you are approaching that time.

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I like the mentality that growing older is OK too!

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