Embracing a Healthy Family: Soft & Comfortable or Strong & Durable: Charmin 2012 Election #CharminVote

Soft & Comfortable or Strong & Durable: Charmin 2012 Election #CharminVote

Life is full of surprises, detours and unexpected turns.  Some are good, some are bad and some just pass through without much thought or notice.  As a mother or I suppose a single parent, we are held to a higher standard in being the the rock for everyone.  When someone is sick, we know who becomes the caretaker in spite of being sick herself.  When a major decision has to be made, it's usually guess who all turns to?  These moments require a delicate balance between being soft and strong at the right times with our families and loved ones.  Each situation is different and dependent on who is involved.  I can think of numerous examples where an approach would be suitable for one yet not for another.  My two oldest children are very sensitive and emotional so turning on the soft mode is necessary.  However, my brother, used up my soft mode so when I deal with him, it's much sterner.  The hard approach definitely is the route I take with him.

Every situation is different as is life.  Determining how soft or hard is based on many factors.  This even includes many products in our every day life as we seek out some products that are soft and comfortable or strong and durable.  The choices are vast but for some, there is only one choice.  If you are one of those brand loyal customers or just have one that does not compromise on personal preferences, you understand the whole value placed on toilet paper.  Charmin has opened the debate on all the factors that affect decision makers and now you can participate in the Charmin 2012 election on Facebook.


So whether you are strong or soft in your life, decisions and the people you love and cherish, each path is different.  Sometimes you have to be soft and other times you are the one that has to be strong and show that extra bit of endurance.  We can never predict what will happen but we know that life is full of surprises yet we can count on some things being dependable, reliable and meets our needs.  Every person is different and there could be many debates on what approach is best.  Having debates are healthy even it involves a little bit of fun as we move forward into the 2012 elections where instead, you can take a break and have some bathroom fun that might even boil down to the differences between the sexes.

*Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this blog post as part of the SocialMoms and Charmin blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. For more blog posts on this topic, click here

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