Embracing a Healthy Family: Gymboree 2013 Playdate Adventure List

Gymboree 2013 Playdate Adventure List

If you have children, you know how valuable playdates are.  Whether it's a one on one day at the park with one of your children's friends or a family outing with other families or even a fun movie night with your children, playdates are fun and create an opportunity to use imagination, social skills and much more.  Gymboree is a supporter of playdates and as part of the Gymboree 2013 Playdate Adventure List initiative, I wanted to provide some of my own ideas.

  • Local state park or similar attraction not only provides an opportunity to play but it also gets your little ones outdoors and the chance to learn, make memories and in some instances, inspires imagination such as role playing if you are at a historical site.
  • Planning a craft or movie night is a great way to inspire creativity and build social skills when you have more than one child together creating a project or watching a movie.  There are many ways to make the night more captivating whether you decide on a project or set up a special movie night.
  • Volunteering on an annual or more frequent basis is another great way to get together and have fun while doing some good.  It doesn't take much and it's a wonderful way to teach a valuable lesson of giving back.

Play dates are a great to get kids out together to have fun, to learn and even do something good.  There are many ways and creative opportunities to have some simple fun or even some that requires some planning.  Whatever is choses, socializing is an important aspect in our every day lives.  Having friends play together whether one or more is a great way to encourage team work, getting along, leadership, use of imagination and so much more.  Do you have your children participate in play dates?

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