Embracing a Healthy Family: Must Have Bass Buds for Exceptional Sound & $30 Discount Code

Must Have Bass Buds for Exceptional Sound & $30 Discount Code

As I listen to Christmas music and think of how much I love the music especially when the quality is superb, it puts me in an even happier mood.  I love Christmas music but I also know not everyone around me does which I think is unfortunate ... that's directed towards my oldest in case she's reading this!  She may not like my music but she's very envious of these really cool pink Bass Buds.  My youngest tried them out and liked them too. 

Although I do have the pink blingy set, Bass Buds has a host of other colors and different types of Bass Buds to satisfy any music lover's wishes.  Another great feature about the Bass Buds is the hands free mic and MP3 controller as most earphones I've had didn't have this feature.  What a great feature for the smart phones too!  They even arrived with a free accessory gift that included:

  • Luxury gift box which is the perfect already gift wrapped present
  • Soft bag to carry and protect your Bass Buds if you are on the go
  • 6 pairs of silicon tips - small, medium and large sizes
  • 3 pairs of memory foam tips - small, medium and large sizes
  • User manuel

Now for us that love the blingy concept, they have geniune swarovski elements embedded in the design.  As I mentioned above, there are 20  different colors and combinations to choose from:
  • Fashion Collection 2012
  • Classic Collection

The sound is clear, crisp and just amazing!  When I used my Apple provided earphones, there was no comparison and those earphones were retired for good! Bass Buds are worth the cost if you enjoy listening to music the way it's suppose to be listened too.  They are exceptional. They are lightweight and the cord doesn't tangle like my old Apple earphones did. It also has voice controls and commands and the ability to go forward and backward.  They are the powerhouse!

Save $30 with code BB59802 at Bass Buds.

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*Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary set of Bass Buds for the purpose of this review.  The opinions are of my own.

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