Embracing a Healthy Family: Amazing: Cascade Complete Pacs #CascadeComplete

Amazing: Cascade Complete Pacs #CascadeComplete

I dislike washing dishes probably as much as everyone else. I used to prefer hand washing because I didn't like the built up film or how some times, the dishes were still dirty.  I've been using Cascade products for ever a year so I'm a self-proclaimed loyal brand user of Cascade.  I recently reviewed Cascade Complete Pacs and as always, they have not failed me. Who has time to re-wash dishes or wash them before you put them in a dishwasher?  I certainly don't so I want the convenience of washing dishes right the first time and the luxury of not having to immediately wash them due to fear of an incomplete clean cycle.  Cascade Complete Pacs deliver.

Cascade Complete Pacs combine the best of powder and gel into one powerhouse that can get even the toughest food left on for 24 hours.  Since we don't use many dishes some days, they will sit in the dishwasher until the next day to not waste water or Cascade.  The best part, they come out just as clean as if I had washed them immediately.

They are also nice in that they come in Fresh, Lemon Burst and Citrus Breeze scents.  To date, since using the Complete Pacs, I haven't been disappointed.  I like that when I put the dishes away, there is no film, no strong lingering scent and the inside of the dishwasher looks just as clean as the dishes.  Overall, it saves money since you don't have to pre-wash or use more than one pac to re-wash those stubborn left overs.  Cascade will definitely help me stay sparkling clean in 2013

About Cascade:

About Cascade: In 1953, Cascade entered the automatic dishwashing market with claims of “spotless dishes” to the 4% of households with dishwashers. This fast-moving world of household innovations was just in its beginning stages, and Cascade stayed at the forefront for the next 50 years by developing a range of automatic dishwashing products perfect for a variety of families, needs, and lifestyles. Today, with decades of experience and dishwashers in more than 60% of households, Cascade continues to grow, striving for immaculate dishes every time with its brilliant automatic dishwashing powders, gels, pacs, and additives.
More info on Cascade: http://www.cascadeclean.com/ 

*Disclaimer:  This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Cascade blogging program, and I received free product from P&G for participating. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here.

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