Embracing a Healthy Family: Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!

To say the girls were happy is an understatement with our unexpected snow storm!  The only problem is it seems every time we encounter a snow storm, one or both are sick.  Since they have chronic medical conditions, this poses a problem so I have to swoop in and make sure I'm the one who doesn't allow them too much fun by bringing them in not long after going outside.  The girls are good as both times that I let them play, they gave me no grief about coming back inside.  I'm blessed with such good girls even if they have their moments.

We're just hoping we might get more snow!

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Shanna said...

Beautiful Pictures. I really MIss the Snow. I moved to Florida this summer. Happy New Year! I hope that you have a wonderful New Year! I hope that you will join me @ http://www.mommiesandbeyond.com
I am working on my New Years Resolutions, Goals and money saving challenge!

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