Embracing a Healthy Family: The Snugg iPad Case/Cover Review

The Snugg iPad Case/Cover Review

We finally bought an iPad but it's my girls who get the most use out of it.  I had to admit the iPads are really nice to have and are not only entertaining but educational.  After seeing all the commercials and the various apps that are available, I broke down and decided the girls should have an iPad.  Once choosing the iPad as if you are a noobie like me, it's hard to determine which version you should purchase if money matters, so selecting a case is almost as equally important.  I was given the opportunity to review an iPad case from The Snugg. Since the girls primarily use the iPad, I wanted to choose a girly looking case which is why I selected the Pink Leather Snugg iPad 4 Case Cover and Flip Stand.  

There are many features to purchasing a case/cover from The Snugg:

  • iPad, tablet, Smartphone and Kindle cases
  • Many colors
  • Built in flip stands
  • Stylus/pen holder built in
  • Accessories
  • Live help from Monday through Friday
  • Snugg promise that includes a lifetime guarantee
The girls had their choice from the Otterbox case we already had which was purple and black or the case from The Snugg.  They chose The Snugg's case probably because they liked the looks of a build in cover, flip stand and stylus holder.  I like the cover aspect as it protects the screen.  I don't know about durability as I wasn't going to drop it to see how it protects but I do know it looks nice, the leather is of good quality and it's very appealing to the girls.  They like the flip stand as it makes it convenient for viewing movies or playing games whereas they don't want to hold the iPad.

I checked out the online reviews and every review I read was complimentary for the company.  A couple had to consult customer service and all were pleased with the service provided.  The costs of the cases are comparable to some other cases but again, the built in features make it a win-win for children and adults.

Overall, it's a durable, high quality case that provides benefits with built-in features such as the stand, cover and stylus holder.  We would recommend The Snugg.

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*Disclosure:  I was provided a complimentary product for purposes of this review.

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