Embracing a Healthy Family: Luvs® Super Absorbent Leakguard Diapers have 15% More Absorbency

Luvs® Super Absorbent Leakguard Diapers have 15% More Absorbency

I was reminded of the need for good quality diapers as I was removing my little granddaughter's car seat from next to my daughter's car seat and all of a sudden a liquid dripped out.  After a few seconds, I realized it was her urine as her diaper didn't do such a good job so we had quite the mess to clean up.  My oldest decided to buy a different brand of diapers this time.  She's 25 year old and is on a budget.  Sometimes buying a lesser expensive diaper or a brand you think is better is not always the case.  Luvs® is priced right and has the features of a good quality diaper that does what it says it will.  I know as I have quite the variety of ages at home.  I remarried later in life and started all over again.  It's more than alright as I love the idea of having children surround me most of my entire adult life.  As an experienced mom, I also know the importance of having quality diapers that I can depend on such as Luvs® with super absorbent leakguard diapers.  As any mom knows, a princess must be dry!

Luvs® Super Absorbent Leakguard Diapers come in all sizes making it the ideal choice for a growing baby.  From sizes newborn all the way to size 6 (over 35 lbs).  They are designed to lock away wetness which is key in avoiding diaper rashes.  What's even better is there is actually a money back guarantee!  The contour fit gathers around the legs while providing a cottony softeness and provides 15% more absorbency than other Luvs®. Luvs® is priced right too which is great for those of us on a budget.  The convenience of purchasing small or large packs is also nice.  

Check out Luvs® at your local Walmart or other retailer and don't forget to visit Luvs® on Facebook and Luvs® on Twitter.

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