Embracing a Healthy Family: After a Month, Big Savings with the Best Wireless Plan Found at Walmart Family Mobile

After a Month, Big Savings with the Best Wireless Plan Found at Walmart Family Mobile

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Walmart Family Mobile Saved Us Big Money #shop

Last month, I posted about an opportunity that I had to try out the Walmart Family Mobile plan.  This was a challenge to myself to see if I could really make a difference in the budget by switching to a cheap wireless plan and I was surprised as I did!  There were no hidden charges or add on charges I wasn't expecting AND the phone and service performed better than I had expected.  We took this phone up through Texas, Colorado, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Utah and New Mexico and had no issues with service other than an expected area within Yellowstone National Park.  The clarity was great and there were no drops offs.  My middle daughter used it mostly to text to her older sister along the way and she's all smiles with being able to try out the phone in that capacity.

There were many things that drew me to the Walmart Family Mobile plan, such as:
  1. No contracts!  No worries if you have to cancel the plan.  No renewal of the plan if you want to upgrade the phone.  No contracts!  Anyone with one of the "other" businesses know how costly it is to cancel a contract and how inflexible they are.  
  2. The price is amazing!  When we signed up for the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited plan it included talk and text starting at only $29.88 a month and we purchased the optional web access for $10 more a month to have up to 5 GB of 3G high speed web for the low cost of $34.88.  
  3. The option to add up to five additional lines at only $24.88 per line which is another big savings given my old plan which had four lines and it was priced at $35 per line.
After seeing my first month's bill, I can see a huge savings over a typical $80+ bill from one of their competitors just for ONE line.  Granted we didn't save enough money to pay for the whirlwind trip to see Mt. Everest and Yellowstone, but in time, it could!  My daughter loved being able to take pictures too with the phone.

What We Were Able to Do When We Switched to Walmart Family Mobile and Saved Money #shop
Other great features about the Walmart Family Mobile plan are the ease of activation once you pick one of the available phones and they have a great selection to choose from.  The activation was via online or telephone and was extremely simple.  The ability to set up the account was equally easy and allowed many benefits from changing features, paying the bill, setting up parental controls and much more via online account management and information.  It's really the all in one place to establish and keep mobile phone service whether you are one or have a family.  Having the ability to set controls and limits really provides me with a peace of mind with having children. Walmart wins hands down with the Walmart Family Mobile plan.


Check out my photos from last month's post on Google+:  Walmart Family Mobile plan.  There are still great tips and ideas in the SoFab Back to School Digital Magazine that includes an article on the Walmart Family Mobile plan.

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Raghav said...

I am on the lookout for deals. Found your blog, pretty awesome.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your participation in this campaign! #client

Mallery said...

I love how much money you can save a year by switching! I'm ready for my contract to be over so I can make the switch. I'd love to use the money we will save to update another room in our home! #client

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