Embracing a Healthy Family: Closet Swap Party in Celebration of The Other Woman Coming Out on Digital HD July 15

Closet Swap Party in Celebration of The Other Woman Coming Out on Digital HD July 15

Have you heard of Digital HD?  Have you ever wanted to watch a movie really really bad that you just couldn't wait and were so excited to be able to watch it before it's even released on DVD/BluRay?  With Digital HD on iTunes, you get to not only watch much anticipated movies earlier than the release date but they are also cheaper!  As a double bonus, if you missed out on The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, starting July 15th, you can watch it before it's even released in stores!
If you forgot what the comedy The Other Woman is about, it's three girlfriends who form an unlikely friendship that celebrates girl power in an unexpected way.  Diaz's character, attorney Carly Whitten, learns her seemingly perfect boyfriend is married to Mann's character, Kate, so you get how the story probably goes.  Not so fast, throw in the beautiful and voluptuous Upton as the mistress and you have the merging of three women who are on a mission!

So what's up with the closet swap party theme?  In the movie, Carly and Kate bond during a scene where they have a dress up night with all the luxurious clothes in Carly's closet hence the night in/closet swap party idea.  This might inspire you to get a few friends over to have your own closet swap party and if you need some ideas or fresh clothing, check out SNOBSWAP where you can swap out what you don't want for something you really want and stella & dot for more great jewelry and more pieces as well as more great ideas.

Mark your calenders for the Digital HD release on iTunes for The Other Woman on July 15th and stay tuned for our Closet Swap Party!


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