Embracing a Healthy Family: Doctor On Demand (DOD) is a MUST Have Service #ad

Doctor On Demand (DOD) is a MUST Have Service #ad

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Doctor On Demand. I received a free trial coupon code to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

As everyone knows that with time comes advances with new technology and things will probably never look the same.  The improvements to our daily lives are a big win especially when sometimes you wonder why they didn't have something like this long before now?  What I'm talking about is the ability to see a board certified physicians, psychologists or lactation consultant via your smartphone, tablet and desktop computer! How amazing is that to not have to trudge into an office, wait in line, possible become infected with germs or taking time to leave your job?  The new concept, Doctor on Demand (DOD) is a fantastic idea!  Given I have three children and they all have chronic conditions, the last place I want to take them to is a doctor's office to pick up new germs or illnesses.  From the speed of my computer (sound and webcam needed), I can now login, search for a doctor or psychologist, select my date and time and within minutes, I have secured an appointment without leaving my computer chair!

No computer?  No problem!  All you have to do is download the Doctor on Demand app on a smartphone or tablet.  After signing up or logging in, the next step is to provide a list of your symptoms and you will be instantly connected to a provider licensed in your state for a video visit.  It honestly couldn't be easier! It took me maybe two minutes to create my account and to find a board certified psychologist to arrange a visit with.  What I liked the most about this was the ability to see a photograph of the psychologist and I was able to get a profile of their experiences and credentials.

[Image 2] Doctor on Laptop

Doctor on Demand requires no insurance and they will not be contacted.  Each visit is reasonable rated at:

  • First visit FREE with my special coupon code: HEALTH15
  • $40 for a 15 minute visit with a board certified medical physician to include pediatrics.
  • $50 for a 25 minute psychology session.

Since your first visit is free, you have nothing to lose in trying it out!

Other benefits:

  • No monthly service fees
  • Schedule appointments for yourself, your child or someone else.
  • Thorough as there is a section to add any medication you are currently taking and a variety of symptoms to check off so the physician will know more upon initiating the video visit.
  • An easy to use calendar allowing you to pinpoint an exact date and time of availability PER your schedule!
  • A text message will arrive alerting you that your physician is ready.
  • There is a four hour window allowance to cancel an appointment for any reason.

Tips to ensure a great video visit:

  • Be prepared ahead of time for your video visit as you have the 15 minute window for your visit so you don't want to login right at the time for the visit.
  • Make sure your device or computer is well charged.
  • Make sure you are sitting in a well lit and quiet area.

My Review:

My first visit was easy to complete as I received a text reminder on my iPhone informing me it was time for my visit.  I clicked on the app and it started right up.  The quality of the call will be dependent on your internet or wifi connection.  I think for my next one, I will use my desktop with webcam and microphone to have a better view and better connectivity.  The person I chose was very helpful, took the time to really care about what I wanted to say and provided feedback that was beneficial.  The only con was the call was too short but of course, she couldn't spend the day with me!  Overall, I enjoyed the call much better than trudging across the city to go into an office, to sit in a waiting room just to speak to a doctor.  This was ideal and my children's schedule wasn't affected either as they just had a little more playtime!  

If you are short on time or find it inconvenient to drive into an office, this is for you!  You don't get the in person one on one but a video conference, to me, is right up there being next to someone.  I was able to see who I was talking to and if anything, for those that aren't people persons, this is great as you don't have to interact with anyone other than the doctor.  The doctor I spoke to informed me when our time was running out in case I had other concerns or questions.  I would highly recommend this service and will use it again.

Please note, you must enter your coupon code HEALTH15 at Doctor on Demand upon registering.  You can use it immediately or store it for later.  It will request a credit card number but you will not be charged.

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Natalie said...

I like that you can see a photo of the doctor or psychologist.

Janet W. said...

I love that there are no monthly fees! What a great service and so convenient to use!

clc408 said...

I learned that you speak to a board certified medical physician.

Shelly Peterson said...

I like that you can use Doctor On Demand on your phone or on a computer.

Unknown said...

think that this is really convenient and quick for questions to be answered when unable to speak directly to someone - shaunie

Anonymous said...

I learned you will receive a text when your physician is ready

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