Embracing a Healthy Family: Maleficent Birthday Party

Maleficent Birthday Party

When I started this post, I was in the process of moving yet again and my middle one is turning 12 in April.  She chose Maleficent as her party theme so I need to kick it in overdrive.  I normally use Pinterest and Word for my planning but this time, I decided to blog as I go to share what I'm doing.  I started with designing the invitation although I'm not completely sure I like this.  If I use this one, I will use my Cricut to cut out the scalloped outer circle and then my HP Printer for the glitter circled printed area.  I could have used the Silhouette but will opt to just print it and use the Cricut for the largest area.  


I tried another couple of examples by using a movie ticket type design and just a different background and she ended up choosing the movie ticket so here is the "current" final design followed up by the runner up's.  The envelope is actually black along with the circle and paper.


I will also make the banner out of the same files for both the scalloped outer circle and the printer for the inner circle.  See below for an example middle section and the first letter "H" with a picture of the completed banner together.

Cupcake Picks:

The cupcake picks were also created the same way using the same shape to simplify the preparations.  I will hot glue a pick or toothpick to the back and if I don't want the back to be unsightly, I will just place another one on that side to cover it.

Book Prop:

I just ordered the book holder and will recreate the spell book with a real book to look like this.  I used old, online, manuscript paper and printed with the HP Printer after copying and pasting using the Maleficent font and clipart.

Potion Labels and Drink Bottle Labels:

Next step was putting together potion labels and drink bottle labels.  When I create the finished label, I will be using the Cricut again for the scalloped shape so the image on the bottle below is very crude but the finished image will not look like that.

Lotion/Nail Polish Bottles and Labels:

I've been playing with labels again and am probably going with these except I will print them on a light brown paper or on parchment to give it an old time feel.  I purchased the Purple 2 oz Plastic Jar Silver Lid 6 pk with Mini Jar and other bottles from Amazon.

Mini-Candy Bar Wrapper

The mini candy bar wrappers are just colored/patterned paper with purple jewels, lace and I used this horn template.

Wrapper Template

Money Coin Bank Favors:

I really like this idea but finding coin banks that are inexpensive proved to be harder than I thought.  So I'm going with these I found for $1.49 each at Church Supplier.

Wall Decorations:

I'm using this poster Maleficent - Movie Poster / Print (Regular Style 2) (Size: 24" x 36") (Poster & Poster Strip Set) and making a frame.  I also purchased these wings Hee Grand Halloween Sexy Adult Angel Feather Wings.  I'll cut out a template to make the picture outline to save money.  I found these inexpensive curtains too New 2 Pc Sexy Sheer Voile Window Curtain Panel Set Dark Purple.

I am borrowing ideas from Catch My Party.  I already purchased my glitter dust from Etsy seller A Heavenly Touch Cakes to create the cake pops in purple and green.  I will also make Rice Krispie Treats dipped half in chocolate and drizzled with colored white chocolate. 

The ornaments for the food picks were purchased from Etsy seller The Amateur Naturalist.  I also borrowed the idea from Catch My Party.  This is where a hot glue gun comes in handy for placing the ornaments on top and I'll use the HP Printer to print the flags.

I'll have my oldest make these cookies because she's good at hand drawing images and making cookies look and taste magnificent!

For some of the room decor for the set up, I just ordered this through Etsy although I could have made it with my Silhouette.

I'm still trying to decide which picture I will print from the one's I altered as well as making the candle that follows using the HP Printer and Silhouette this time.

We just had the actual party and because I moved recently, I wasn't able to do all that I wanted to do but here is the outcome.

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Jackie said...

This looks like it's going to be an awesome party. I love the invitation and the colors are great!

Judy Joyce said...

Thank you! I spend so much time redoing things so having some feedback is wonderful!

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