Embracing a Healthy Family: The GB Asana35 AP Carseat is About Safety, Convenience and is Just a Must Have

The GB Asana35 AP Carseat is About Safety, Convenience and is Just a Must Have

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When it comes to safety, nothing is too good for my children.  Even though I don't travel very often and that means day to day, I want to ensure my children are safe and secure in the vehicle.  It's all very confusing as every day it seems that a carseat is being recalled or you read all these 'make sure you secure your child appropriately' messages.  When I look for a carseat, I read reviews and try to determine which is the best one to purchase. This is where the GB Asana35 AP carseat  came into play as I saw wonderful reviews so I had to try one out for myself.  Given they have been making carseats for over 25 years in their state of the art facilities was also a plus.  The GB Asana35 AP carseat is a rear facing carseat that allows for a weight range 4-35 pounds and height range 32" or less.  You might be thinking that it's a carseat so what's so different about this one over the others?  There are many features that really drew me to the GB Asana35 AP carseat:

  • Adjustable recline foot button that allows you to easily change the recline position without tearing out your hair.
  • The push button lower anchor connectors are stored in the bottom.  Not as easy as the adjustable recline foot but they make it easy to store.
  • The FirmFit System allows for a load leg at the base thus assisting with a downward rotation in a crash.  It's adjustable to allow for different lengths which is great given how no two vehicles seem to be alike.
  • The FirmFit Arm provides a better, tighter and safer fit to your vehicle with minimal effort and that is always a positive.  Carseats can be a pain in using but this one really is revolutionary in the ease of use and the safety aspect in my opinion.  It provides 20 pounds of additional force and provides the assurance that the seat is secure at all times.
  • The FirmFit harness is also a great feature in that every time you adjust the headrest and the harness, they adjust together making it much safer and convenient. When I had to tighten, all I had to do was pull the tightening strap at the feet location and it pulled the harness and headrest to my baby's shoulders. Not having to worry if I have everything just right is a huge plus to me.
  • An infant insert for smaller infants 4-6 pounds which can be used also for infants weighing 6-10 pounds.  In the past, I had to purchase inserts so this is definitely a nice feature.  It's large for the seat but it's a necessity when the infant is small.
  • The built in storage area for the manual is a win as well because I always think I will remember where I store the manuals and always forget.
  • Side impact protection coupled with all the other safety features really gives me peace of mind.
  • It's stylish and fits any interior relative to color.  

FirmFit System Load Leg provides extra safety in the event of a crash.  It's adjustable and fits all vehicles.

The base is easy to install and there are easy to follow instructions along the side while the manual stores in the base.

I really love the FirmFit System load leg given the extra safety protection it provides.  It really makes sense!

Reclines to fit baby's needs and preferences.

Installation was a breeze too!  No more fishing your hands and becoming a contortionist trying to get the belts through the holes.  Instead you just press a button to lift up the latch that holds the seat belt and then you just buckle it in.  This is also great for those families that have to move the carseat to another vehicle.  Finally, an easy way to do this!

Just pull the lever in the back and the carseat pulls right out.  Putting it back on only involves sitting it on the base and it snaps in.  The ergonomic handle also makes carrying your baby in the crook of your arm as most parents know, we have to be the masters of carrying everything and the kitchen sink.  It's also lightweight at 9.2 pounds without the base.

Overall, the GB Asana35 AP is definitely a carseat that I would highly recommend and my oldest daughter agrees as she has a baby.  It's all about safety and convenience and that is what won us over.  It's convenient to use, unlike many others, and the safety features are just amazing.

Check out the GB Asana35 AP exclusively at Babies R Us.

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peg42 said...

Love that it's lightweight and easily pulls out and goes into base.

Natalie said...

I love that it is easy to install and I like the FirmFit System load leg

Janet W. said...

I love the FirmFit harness. This looks like a really safe seat.

Shelly Peterson said...

This has so many great features. looks easy to use and very safe. I love the side impact protection it has.

clc408 said...

The adjustable recline foot button sounds convenient and I also like the side impact protection feature.

Unknown said...

Love that not only stylish but conforms to your lifestyle - shaunie

Rich Morris said...

I like the FirmFit harness b/c that can be a pain especially when jackets change the fit

Sarah Hayes said...

I like how easy it is to install and use

Cindy Merrill said...

Looks pretty sharp! All Three of my grand kids used car seats.

Anonymous said...

I love the FirmFit system

Jenna d said...

I love the ease of the set up of this system as well as the FirmFit System load leg extra safety protection

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