Embracing a Healthy Family: Big Sound. Wireless Capabilities: Insignia™ Bluetooth and Plug In Speakers & Special Offer

Big Sound. Wireless Capabilities: Insignia™ Bluetooth and Plug In Speakers & Special Offer

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The sounds of music can be therapeutic, it can be fun or exhilarating or even motivating.  Music invokes memories while it makes memories.  There are so many components that music brings into our lives that I would think it would be a rarity of the person who never listens to something.  The convenience of listening to music has dramatically increased since even my oldest was a teen.  With all the devices available, it's easier than ever to listen to something no matter where you are in a room but sound is not always as easy because devices don't have big rocking speaker sounds.  I recently discovered two speaker dynamos that doesn't break the check book either.  The Insignia Bluetooth and Plug In Bluetooth Speakers provide versatility and convenience.

The Insignia™ portable speaker features bluetooth technology so no wires to bog you down as you try to listen to your favorite music or even audio book.  It has a silicone strap and is really lightweight, compact and has a clip to conveniently hook on a bag, strap, belt loop and so forth.  Other great features include:

  • Ability to use it as a hands free bluetooth source for your phone for added safety.  I have an Android phone and have not bothered to get to know it as I'm longing for my iPhone so I haven't worked out how to use my phone feature in my vehicle.  As I return to work with a commute, The Insignia portable speaker will be the safest way I can carry on a conversation if needed while driving for emergency purposes.
  • Even though it's small, it delivers a lot of wow and it's splash-proof design makes pool side, rain or spilled drinks not so detrimental.
  • Compatible with most blue-toothed enabled devices increasing it's versatility.
  • Complete with an USB charging port so no batteries (applause)!
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries provide up to six hours of playtime when fully charged.
Here is how it sounds:

Overall, it delivers GREAT sound for the size along with the convenience of portability and the ability to use it on a phone.

The Insignia Plug In Bluetooth Speaker also delivers great sound while allowing the ability to move to any room.  Just pair it with your device, plug it in and you are ready to go!  I've used it with my phone while running on my treadmill.  The sound is great.  It turns any room into a wireless audio solution without the work involved in having it professionally done or speakers to place. Once it's charged, it does not need to be plugged in increasing the convenience.  Other features include:
  • Compatible with most blue-toothed enabled devices.
  • Auxiliary audio jack to connect non-bluetooth devices.  This is great for my Kindle and love that it provides this additional feature.
  • Build-in power adapter to maintain 100% charging at all times.
  • USB charging port to keep the electronic devices charged so no more seeing that warning battery low light.
  • Build-in rechargeable battery that continues to function up to two hours after unplugged increasing the convenience.
Having both speakers really provides the best options I found for those on the road or traveling as well as the ones at rest.  Both deliver great sound and are inexpensive given what you get back.  I like the sleekness of the Insignia Plug In Bluetooth Speaker.  It's white appearance blends in with most interiors while looking sophisticated and techy.

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To learn more about the Insignia Bluetooth and Plug In Bluetooth Speakers, visit Best Buy.

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