Embracing a Healthy Family: Carter's Eight is Great for Back to School Shopping

Carter's Eight is Great for Back to School Shopping

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School is back and even if you homeschool, as I do, you want your children to experience all the fun that goes along with starting the new school year.  I remember growing up how much fun it was to prepare for school between school supplies and clothes shopping.  Things have changed since I was a kid which now seems a billion year's ago.  There are so many great places to buy clothes and although you can buy just about anywhere now, finding high quality clothes that won't kill your budget is a bit harder.  Carter's is a brand I trust that carries fresh clothing for all my children even shoes up to size 3.  The selections are trendy yet affordable.  Now that Carter's has size 8, I'm all geared up to get them off and running looking fabulous!  

When we went to Carter's way down in Savannah, Georgia, the kids had a lot of fun shopping for themselves.  From our littlest one at 12 months to two in size eight and one sometimes in a 10 or 12 pending the maker.  The stores are set up to find everything easily without having to feel like you are completing a mission impossible chore.  We went at an ideal moment right when they opened so there were no crowds ... or were there?  I was surprised at the amount of people considering it was a Sunday and they just opened!  

Another great aspect of shopping at Carter's is the ability to find cute, colorful outfits from modern coordinated collections as well as ready to play shorts and tees. I prefer finding suggested outfits as sometimes I'm a bit behind on what is trendy so relying on Carter's is optimal.  From the value to the quality, it's a win-win for back to school shopping.

Unfortunately, I just moved from Georgia to Indiana and my movers decided to split my household goods into two shipments so I'm waiting on my computer to arrive.  I was lucky to use one of my daughter's homeschooling computers and retrieved this photo from what I posted on Facebook (above) on the adorable outfit that she actually loves.  I bought two of the same so both girls would look amazingly trendy while both wearing size 8 in spite of the four year age difference!!

Walk don't run to your local Carter's for some fresh, happy clothes for this school year!  For extra information and more, check out Carter's on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

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