Embracing a Healthy Family: 10 Photos on Why to Visit Beautiful Monterey Bay

10 Photos on Why to Visit Beautiful Monterey Bay

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Traveling to not going anywhere but just to go would be a dream existence to many. I am one of those that loves to travel not for the purpose of being able to proclaim I've been there rather to experience the site, the culture, the beauty and all there is to learn about.  I've been to many states throughout my adult life and have resided in over five.  I am grateful for the experience to be able to determine what I want or need from life.  I found my true desire in life is to travel and explore.  I have many favorite places and many of them revolve around beaches, warm climates and Disney.  I am a person who thrives in the sun, the hot temperatures and water.  As part of my journey in exploring different areas, I went to Monterrey Bay and Pacific Grove and I immediately fell in love with the area.

One of my first stops was at Cannery Row which is famous thanks to the author John Steinbeck.  Cannery Row (1945) was made into a movie and it's been one of the most read fictional pieces around. It's a cozy area with a moderate level of tourism and plenty of things to do whether it's just casual strolls around the neighborhoods or store fronts or to shop, eat or visit the attractions. It truly is a picturesque charming area that will captivate just about any age.  Aside from the numerous dining places, which none disappointed, there was great views to be had.  A favorite was getting a hot chocolate from a local coffee shop and sitting on the dock watching the sail boats pass as the water rushed over and beat at the shores just underneath the restaurants.

Whether you want to go beachside, enjoy the nightlife, sip some wine or take in some live music, it has everything. 

Another fun place I visited was the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I'm not a huge aquarium fan but I have to say this place changed my mindset.  It had amazing exhibits, views and great educational messages to deliver.  My favorite was the visit with the person inside the tank and the interaction with the volunteer guide.  It was fun, entertaining and educational and seemed to be quite a hit with the visitors.  One thing to note is all the workers are volunteers from what one worker told me.  It's definitely worth the trip to see as they did a magnificent job with this aquarium.  You can even dine there!

My last favorite spot was the drive to Pacific Grove and the spots along the way.  It was absolutely gorgeous and Pacific Grove would be the ideal retirement spot.  The downtown was lined with nice boutiques and eateries that provided choices that I had not experienced.  Being so close to the ocean was what drew me as well.  It's an old town that includes many activities such as a monarch butterfly habitat sanctuary, beaches, the oldest continuously-operating lighthouse and nationally recognized 18-hole golf course.

It's a beautiful area to see and I hope when I go back to California in November, I'll get to add to my list of great places to visit.

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