Embracing a Healthy Family: The Shepherd’s Treasure: An Alternative to Elf on the Shelf and Giveaway/Win $500 Details

The Shepherd’s Treasure: An Alternative to Elf on the Shelf and Giveaway/Win $500 Details

Win $500!  Contest starts December 1st!  The Shepherd's Treasure is a Christian alternative to Elf on the Shelf and they are giving away $500 to the most creative photo shared.  $250 for you and $250 for your church!  The four top photos will be chosen and then fans will vote on their favorite to win!  This contest is lots of fun, but the best part about it is we are bringing back the true meaning of Christmas and teaching our kids that it's not all about receiving gifts and behaving well just to receive material things. Join us in the fun!  Here's how:

Step 1: Order The Shepherd's Treasure book with doll set (and advent cards if you choose) by NOVEMBER 20th to ensure delivery by December 1st. Link to buy in comments.
Step 2 (optional): Get your church involved -  The more people from your church who participate in the contest, the bigger the chance to win! Just send people to The Shepherd's Treasure Facebook page for details.
Step 3: Make sure to LIKE @BLOGGERSPAGE and @The Shepherd's Treasure Facebook page to receive contest next steps on December 1st!

Click the link in the comments to get your copy before all are sold out!  This is going to be so fun!

ORDER HERE by November 20th to get in time for December 1st. Two options below - one with the advent cards and one without:

Option 1:  Book + Doll Set + Advent Cards:  https://www.sleepingbaby.com/ collections/shepherds- treasure/products/the- shepherds-treasure-book-doll- set-and-advent-cards


Option 2: Book + Doll set: https://www.sleepingbaby.com/ collections/shepherds- treasure/products/the- shepherds-treasure-book-doll- set

SEE QUEST IDEAS HERE: https://www.theshepherdstreasure.com/pages/ideas-for-your-quest

My Review

Every Christmas is special to me and I want to ensure that I teach my children not only that it's a special time but to fully understand why it's special. Finding activities that reinforces the meaning is important to me as it's not about receiving presents. I was very pleased to participate in this sharing on my review of the The Shepherd’s Treasure. We started December 1st, by placing "allowing" our Shepherd to travel by night throughout the month in search of Jesus and each morning, my children are put to the task of finding him. Also included are the Shepherd’s Treasure Advent Cards which correspond with fun activities the Shepherd can do throughout the month. Each card features a Bible verse and message from the Shepherd! Little ones will follow behind their Shepherd along his journey until on Christmas morning, they will find him kneeling before the greatest Treasure of all time: Jesus!

This is wonderful in encouraging my children to continue their path to finding Jesus daily. My youngest already proclaims she will grow up to spread the word of God as she does already. It's such a cute and fun tradition that I can begin with all my children and grandchildren and to see the smile on their faces each morning is priceless. You can see the video firsthand by clicking on The Shepherd's Treasure video link.

Enter to Win!

There's even an opportunity to win your very own Shepherd's Treasure on their Facebook page by liking the page and leaving a comment in the raffle section on why you are excited about this Christmas.

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