Embracing a Healthy Family: How to Plan a Multi-Generational Family Vacation

How to Plan a Multi-Generational Family Vacation


Multi-Generational family vacations are a great way to get everyone together in a single place. But organizing them can be a bit tough because you need to find a location that has enough activities to keep everyone busy throughout a day. 

If you are the one in charge, there are plenty of obstacles in front of you. You might feel stressed at one point but don't worry it’s possible to organize an amazing family vacation for all age groups without absolutely losing your mind. 

Don't wait and start planning right away

Early preparations are beneficial for several reasons. First of all, you might be able to find a great deal that can save you a ton of money. You will also have more options in terms of accommodation because hotels and resorts will have plenty of vacancies. Give yourself enough time to consult each member of your family and present them with the potential locations. 

Secondly, this is a multi-generational family vacation, so telling your parents or grandparents that you will be leaving in two weeks can lead to cancellation because they might not be able to get ready in time. 

Inform everyone at least a couple of months prior to the vacation and see when they are available. This is an excellent way to ensure everyone is included in your family trip. And finally, if you have a large family, you might even get a group discount at some locations. These are definitely worth looking into.

Don't go halfway across the globe

Far away countries are exciting and attractive but it might be safer to select a destination which does not include layovers and hopping from one plane to another. 

After all, you are traveling in a group and not everyone will be up for this. Spending hours and hours on an airport in an unfamiliar country can be stressful, especially for the youngsters.

This is very important if your family does not live in the same city, but you are all meeting in a single place. There will be fewer complications when it comes to transportation and the general mood should be more positive because everyone will arrive at your vacation spot fairly quickly. 
You will able to check in together and start off the family vacation with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. 

Make sure everyone is having fun

Even though this might sound impossible, you can actually find all-inclusive resorts that have a wide range of classes and activities which are suitable for every member of your family regardless of the age. 

Do some research and read as much as you can about resorts of your choosing. They will have all the activities listed on the official website so select the one that fits your lifestyle the best. 

Each family is different of course, but everyone loves hanging out on a beach or by a pool. 

Outdoor activities and watersports are popular among all generations so check if a resort you have chosen has plenty of options for everyone before you book it. If you select an all-inclusive resort, see which classes or activities are included in a price because sometimes you need to pay extra for tours and hikes which take place outside of the resort. 

The Caribbean is a great place to look for family resorts. Just make sure that you pay close attention to whether it’s a family resort or an adults-only resort. That will matter a lot for the vibe you’re looking. Usually, this is pretty obvious just by looking at marketing materials or asking the question, but it’s common enough that it deserves to be mentioned. 

It’s okay to ask for help

Organizing a family trip can be overwhelming so if you make a decision to stay at a resort or a hotel, you can ask their concierge team to help you out. Don't hesitate call them or send an email. They have plenty of experience and will provide you with guidelines that will help you manage the activities for the whole family. 

Just make sure you contact them at least a couple of weeks before you arrive. The concierge team should also provide you with basic information about the country you are visiting and tell you the best route from an airport to their hotel or resort. After all, they know the area and their advice is quite valuable, especially if this is your first trip to that location.

Turn it into a tradition

If everyone enjoyed their vacation, you should definitely do it again. Once you arrive home, ask the members of your family about their thoughts and suggestions. Don't focus on the things they liked only, but accept the criticism as well. This will help you do better next time around. You should also take another location into consideration just to make it interesting.

You might even start thinking about exotic destinations. Keep in mind that they might require more organizational skills because you need to make sure everyone is on board with this idea. On the other hand, if your family insists on returning to the same place every single year, change your accommodation. This will make things more exciting and add new activities to your itineraries. 

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