Embracing a Healthy Family: Rogue One: Our Easy to Replicate Jyn Erso Costume

Rogue One: Our Easy to Replicate Jyn Erso Costume

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After searching for a suitable Jyn Erso costume for my middle child, we decided to put it together ourselves.  Either they were of poor quality or cost a bit more than I could justify. This year, we utilized the Rogue One's images to find a perfect ensemble straight from Amazon mostly because I was not wanting to sew.  We looked up what other people used and continued from there utilizing what we already had at home which consists of black riding pants or leggings would suffice and a pair of brown boots.

We purchased the Frogg Toggs Cascade Classic Vest, a Hanes black V-Neck women's shirt, the KMystic Infinity Loop Scarf and Jyn Erso Belt with Holster.  Although more expensive than I would have preferred, I figured spending a bit more for the belt and holster was okay since we were piecing together a costume that I had no idea how it would look.  You could purchase a more inexpensive holster at a fraction of the cost for the same effect.  The nice thing about this costume, my daughter can still wear it as it turned out to be very fashionable albeit without the holster.  

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