Embracing a Healthy Family: Shoreline Inn: Muskegon's Only Waterfront Hotel Review

Shoreline Inn: Muskegon's Only Waterfront Hotel Review

On the bitter cold shores of Muskegon Lake lies the only waterfront hotel in Muskegon, Michigan.  It's a very nice town to visit and has beautiful views from many locations of Lake Michigan.  This was our second visit to the Shoreline Inn and was even more pleased the second time.  This time, we walked the beautiful Terrace Point Marina to the Lake House and had dinner at a surprisingly busy restaurant.  The service was good and the food was delicious. Our waitress was exceptional. She was going out of her way to take pictures of a couple celebrating a birthday or other event. She was caring and attentive to their needs even though she was very busy.  We never waited for anything as she was very good.

Our rooms, suites both times, had full atrium windows and doors with French balconies that were beautiful.  The rooms were spacious and we rather enjoyed the fireplace and whirlpool providing that little extra romantic nudge we needed as busy parents.  It was fully equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, free wi-fi, flat panel TVs and a no pet policy.  This is important to me because I have an asthmatic child and no family should have to depart from a hotel in the middle of the night due to an asthmatic hotel as we have had to do at other chains.   Another feature about this inn I like is the on-site bistro that offers various libations and food.  There is a store on the premise to purchase some local beer or even brands you know of along with snacks and some souvenirs. 

Customer service was exceptional and we had no issues.  As I write this, I'm getting ready to make another reservation as the drive is well worth it!  

If you haven't been here, give it a try!  Here are my five top reasons why you should plan a trip to the Shoreline Inn:

  1. It's a very clean hotel with great amenities without the price.
  2. A great getaway that allows you the convenience to peruse the town or stay onsite and take advantage of the Bistro, the Lake House or order room service.
  3. It's near beautiful Lake Michigan which is a site to see any season!
  4. The service is exceptional.
  5. Muskegon is a beautiful city full of great people!

Our last visit, we arrived early enough to inspect the downtown area and it was quaint and historic.  I loved the older architecture style of some of the building that were still present such as the Amazon building.  We ventured to Hackley Park, a National Historic Designated Park dedicated to the memory of Civil War Veterans. Being history buffs, particularly the Civil War, we loved it.  The center had an eighty-foot tall soldier's monument and statues of Farragut, Sherman, Grant and Lincoln that bordered each corner of the park.  The Christmas lights were up so it made it more timely and pretty.

Check The Shoreline Inn out for more information.

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