Embracing a Healthy Family: CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive Review & Discount Code

CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive Review & Discount Code

Cursive Logic New Edition

Both my younger children, ages 10 and 14, know how to write in cursive but are not at an expert level which is why I wanted to be a reviewer for CursiveLogicCursiveLogic uses a logical approach to teach cursive letters with their CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive. I think it's critical to teach cursive and it's not a dying need as many schools have decided to no longer teach it. Having a mutlisensory approach using color, movement, verbal and auditory tools will appeal both of my "students." One has epilepsy so she requires a little bit more emphasis on listening. 

I like CursiveLogic's two key features for learning cursive:  

  1. letters are grouped by shape; and
  2. Connected letter strings providing an easier way for students to learn cursive and master it in 10 weeks. It's a different approach from old school learning of free standing letters whereas the letters are logically placed to make learning much easier. 

As part of the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack, I worked with my student to assess the three P's of penmanship: posture, pencil grip and paper guidelines and position. This is where the CursiveLogic's optional webinar provides further instruction on how to use and teach the CursiveLogic method. It was very helpful as you can see, and if I had not watched it, I would have let my student move forward without the proper P's. It also provided numerous helpful hints when teaching as well as ensuring I was confident enough to teach for success. The information provided is really beneficial to compliment the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack.

There are even dry erase pages at the back of the flip workbook for extra practice.

The workbook is easy to follow and as a flip book, it allows the student to flip the book when it's time to complete the required letters. I prefer this type of workbook to ensure pages won't end up falling out with use. It's also an easy way to work without having the burdensome seam in the middle as most workbooks are made. The student will not have to struggle trying to flatten it while writing.

Cursive Logic Sample Page

As an extra reinforcement for older students that completed the program or for an adult for a little stress relief, is a very cool adult coloring book that provides more cursive practice! It is full of more pages to practice along with a wonderful array of coloring pages that reinforces the repetition of each particular letter. As a bonus, my middle daughter is able to make me some pretty keepsakes as I periodically keep their artwork and various other school work.

The Art of Cursive Logic

My second oldest decided she needed some quiet time and chose to color the book. She liked how the cursive letters were interwoven into the designs to color offering her practical experience while having fun coloring.

This is my 10 year old's before and after photos upon completing lessons to show her improvement. She's very resistant in using the correct pencil technique as she decided at an early age the way she would hold a pencil and she just says she cannot conform. I have tried and tried again to no avail. Regardless, I have seen a dramatic change in her cursive!

As a bonus to our readers, use code CREW2018 and save 20% on the Quick-Start Pack which includes the webinar and workbook combo! The code will expire at the end of day on March 31st.

Cursive Logic New Edition March 2018 Discount

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