Embracing a Healthy Family: Drive Thru History® Adventures Review

Drive Thru History® Adventures Review

Drive Thru History Adventures
My family were so excited to receive and review a one year access to all these great homeschool videos from Drive Thru History Adventures and what is even better is we also gained access to three wonderful courses to go with these videos! Bible History, American History and Ancient History are all important for me to teach my children and to expose my grandchildren to. I don't believe you could find a more enthusiastic person as Dave Stotts and he reminds me of one of my favorite college professors who taught history. To capture the attention of a student is to teach outside the box in my opinion. Dave truly does that with his lively videos full of dress ups, props and so much more. He has proclaimed on the website that "I've started calling it "Adventure Learning" - history education that's Christ-centered, fact-filled and super fun." He has been traveling the last 15 years to share the truth about history on location thus providing a more profound learning experience by feeling as if you were there with him.

Drive Thru History Adventures

Once you log in, it's an intuitive program to proceed with a top menu that includes:

  • Dashboard - the starting point for each session on the site. The latest shows, documentaries, blogs and specials as well as the latest news and social media links.  It also has a social community to see how others are using the Drive Thru History® Adventures.
  • Curriculum - the place to start any or all of the three curriculum of Bible History, American History and Ancient History. Each course has a half hour video, extra reading and a worksheet with discussion questions along with answer keys to share in the experience as a family or one on one. Each week has new updated information so it's never dull and an introduction on how to use each curriculum.
  • Resources - the one stop for articles, expert papers, suggested readings, worksheets, answer guides, behind the scenes and more.
  • Community - this is the place to link up to the Facebook group and other social media.
  • Account - this is where all the information on individual accounts are contained and the information can be updated.
  • Adventures TV - Adventure TV can be watched on the desktop, Chromecast, iPad,  iPhone or Android.

Curriculum Reviews:

The 18 week adventure begins with a half hour episode, reading and a worksheet on discussion questions.  By the time the student completes all the episodes, the first half of the New Testament will be covered.  The course starts out with an introduction and then Dave travels on-site to Israel. I have to say that the videos are thoroughly entertaining, engaging and educational. Dave really knows how to capture both young and old with the various locations, images, graphics and more. I think our favorite part of the curriculum are the videos in the locations where the study is focusing on such as Israel. 

All three were interested in learning more and found the videos entertaining. They prefer this type of learning especially when it's of historical nature and it's the easiest way I can get them both to learn. My granddaughter even enjoyed the lesson that my middle child was viewing. I confess my youngest, 11 this June, didn't like the Roman paintings of near nudes and that's my fault for not introducing classical art to her. I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the art that was utilized to help present the course.

  • The video on-site filled with actual footage on location, paintings, illustrations, maps and more providing such an in-depth look into the time period and a clear understanding of what is being taught.
  • A summary about Episode 1 is provided.
  • After the summary is scripture reading allowing the student to reinforce the learning from the video.
  • More information about the four apostles along with stained glass pictures of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
  • Discussion questions to reinforce and ensure the student(s) understood the material.
  • The Gospels Episode 1 Worksheet downloadable PDF. 
  • The Gospels Episode 1 Worksheet Answer Guide downloadable PDF.
  • Dig Deeper provides additional updates and articles.
  • The Historical Influence of Jesus for further reading.

We completed that episode and we're on to the next!

American History Adventures and Ancient History Adventures has 12 episodes (weeks) each. American History starts with the discovery of the new world and ends with the American battles of Trenton, Princeton and Monmouth leading up to the Constitution. Each week, is a new adventure with a 30 minute video, a selected reading and completing worksheets. It provides the formidable events and people that led to the foundation of the United States. As with the Bible History curriculum, we started these episodes on the computer but with Adventures TV, we were able to sit comfortably in our living room and watch each of the Ancient History episodes. Being able to stream each episode through Adventures TV was fantastic! I enjoyed watching both my girls' reactions to Dave and how he makes learning about history fun even if they thought he was corny at times but that's how kids are! The other perk about Adventures TV is how you can install the app on your device and take it on the go. Adventures TV also has many other episodes outside the curriculum to include segments on Behind the Scenes, Dig Deeper, Side Roads and Dave's Adventures. It's yet another area where Dave has thought of everything to provide a comprehensive, exciting way to teach many aspects of history.

Ancient History Adventures begins with the Rise of Civilization and ends with the Best of the Ancient World. It also contains 12 episodes with a 30 minute entertaining video, discussion questions and other resources to thoroughly examine this important time period.  As with the other two curriculum, there are beautiful pictures and resources to reinforce the time period as Dave provides the historical significance of the time backed with Christian references. I believe all three curriculum are beneficial to a student to understand how each interlock together to provide how civilization not only began but how it influenced so many cultures relative to religion, law and principles. 

Disregard the messy desk :)
Each of the worksheets are well thought out and reinforces what the students just viewed during the episode. The answer key is provided and can be used by the educator or for self-check.

Overall, I would highly recommend this set of curriculum for the following reasons:

  • Even though the curriculum is most appropriate for those over 12, younger students ages 5-11 can still enjoy the videos and the discussion questions. My seven year old granddaughter enjoyed watching the videos and viewed each one with us. 
  • It can be utilized just as one, two or all three but I feel all three provide a robust learning experience to begin students on a journey with history. I love history and certainly believe if I was taught via the way Dave does, I would have most likely pursued it in college. My eldest, 29, was walking by as the girls were watching an episode and even said she would have enjoyed history taught in this manner. He's engaging, funny and yes, to my girls, sometimes goofy but that is what makes a teacher memorable!
  • The supporting pictures, photos, on-locations shots and more really brings a sense of being there at the moment. It also provides a wonderful break from textbooks especially for the learner who prefers to watch versus reading. 
  • The additional readings of documents, excerpts from the Bible, experts papers and articles provide interested students, and parents for that matter, more information to further the topic in an inviting manner. 
  • Dave is always updating and adding additional information which is a plus to learn even more!

I forgot to note that both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this!  We both loved the Christian basis for how all the information is taught and Dave is so engaging and entertaining.  I am going to post an update once my children and I finish all three curriculum.  This one is a keeper!

UPDATE: Another week has passed and as a family, we are really enjoying and learning so much from Dave! He's a great teacher and is so entertaining! This is one of the best history courses I have taken and love the Christian base in every episode.
Drive Thru History Adventures has annual and monthly subscription options along with a free trial.

There is also an online community available to subscribers:

Catch Dave on his YouTube channel for more wonderful adventures that is available to anyone.


Currently, there is also a special where with an annual subscription, you will receive a set of The Gospels DVD plus an additional discount. Visit Drive Thru History Adventures to learn more.

If you are a subscriber and reader to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, in the Winter Edition page 19, there is a coupon for 20% off an annual subscription.

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