Embracing a Healthy Family: Memories of Your Childhood - Sauzer's Kiddieland & Waffle House in Schererville, Indiana

Memories of Your Childhood - Sauzer's Kiddieland & Waffle House in Schererville, Indiana

Those wonderful childhood memories are something we all have. For those of us that move away, they are in many ways more meaningful when we see photographs especially when the places are no longer there. I have very fond and vivid memories of a local amusement park called Sauzer's Kiddieland. It was on the corner of 30 and 41 also known as the Crossroads of America in Schererville, Indiana which isn't too far from Chicago. It was in operation from 1949 until 1994. It was originally started by Frank Sauzer and his son, Frank Sauzer Jr., took over. Frank Jr., was the person I knew when I worked there one summer.  

They had 15 acres that housed about 18 different rides and a paddle boat pond. Many businesses had their summer office parties there and it was just the place to be in the summer. Many people might even remember some of the regulars like Tiny or favorite rides like the Mad Mouse. I worked at the concession stand and it was my introduction to adult responsibilities as I was moved up to concession stand manager and had to say no to the free requests from food from some of the cute boys that worked. It taught me a lot and introduced me to my first real job as a waitress at their corner restaurant called Sauzer's Waffle House that was in operation from 1941 until 1990. 

Sauzer's Waffle House was one of those small town places where the locals congregated on one half which was the coffee shop and families went to the other side. During late nights, the local, county and state police would gather in the most often emptier family side and chit chat about their days. The quirky old timer staff would never let you down from an older woman named Toots to the young kitchen staff sneaking some smokes, legal and illegal, in the back. 

It was also the place where my dad gave me my first driving lesson and we can say I absolutely failed just pulling out of the parking space!  That would be my last fall place of employment before I ended up leaving and joining my family to southern Indiana. When I returned, there were many changes as both places were sold off and tore down and sadly I heard Frank Jr. passed away as he was a nice man. Some areas look just as it was when I left while others changed a bit but overall, I still have a sense of sadness when I drive around and see all the changes.

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