Embracing a Healthy Family: Adagio Tea: Earl Grey Bravo, Irish Breakfast, Dr. Who Rory Williams, Earl Grey Lavendar & Chamomile Review

Adagio Tea: Earl Grey Bravo, Irish Breakfast, Dr. Who Rory Williams, Earl Grey Lavendar & Chamomile Review

Disclaimer: I received a gift certificate to sample teas in exchange for my review.

It’s summertime and with summer, comes a lot of iced tea. A true tea lover will consume tea hot or cold and anytime of the year. I’m, surprisingly being half British, am not a tea drinker but my husband is. He had been talking for months about wanting to get a tea pot and start drinking tea again. This was the perfect opportunity to get him on the path to what studies have shown is a healthy path to wellness. Many studies have shown some teas are good for you which is why when I was provided the opportunity to try some of Adagio Teas, I was more than happy to oblige. I surprised him with a variety of different loose leaf teas and actually received some samples. Given that I’m not a tea consumer, I had no idea how to make loose tea but it was easy to do and I was surprised at just how little it takes to make a single cup of gourmet tea. I did select the Glass Mug and Infuser set to get him started.

This was the perfect set as it’s an all in one set up with a convenient lid that when turned upside down, the stainless steel infuser can be tilted to allow all the tea to pour out from the bottom and then be placed inside avoiding any mess. It’s easy to clean and since it’s glass, I can place it in the microwave without worry. The handle stays cool while the tea steeps. The children even have fun watching the tea “dance.” The mesh design kept the tea leaves inside the infuser allowing him a quick delicious cup of tea.

He's writing his thoughts on the Earl Grey Bravo Adagio Tea Blend on one of the kid's placemats :)

He started out with the Earl Grey Bravo tea and each packet contains instructions on how much to use which was good for me since I had no idea. He said the tea had the perfect blending of the citrus flavors and was refreshing during an afternoon of relaxation.

The Irish Breakfast is a hearty blend of black teas from Sri Lanka and India. It had a spicy aroma and provided a good kick to get moving in the morning.

My husband is a nurse and works second shift so when he comes home around midnight, he’s still trying to wind down. Each night, I’ve been preparing a cup of Chamomile for him. He says it works and helps him to fall asleep faster. It’s from the Egyptian Nile River Valley and has an aroma of apples and the soft scent of the floral-sweet flowers.

He’s a big Dr. Who fan so I couldn’t resist the Rory Willams Pond that is a signature blend that has a real kick of caffeine. It’s a nice blend that did pep him up a bit. He did enjoy this blend as well.

Next on our list was Earl Grey Lavender. This was a sweet soothing blend of the fragrance from lavender flowers. It's been combined with Earl Grey's classic blend of citrus and a hint of cream. The Adagio website lists it as blended with black tea, lavender flowers, orange peels, blue cornflowers, natural vanilla and Bergamot flavors along with natural cream flavor. There is a notation that it has a high level of caffeine as does the Rory Williams Pond. This was a favorite of my husband's.

Why choose Adagio?

  • There are many many different blends of teas available whether you prefer loose leaf tea or teabags to include iced tea blends.
  • Tea of the month club opportunities for the tea lover who likes variety or to give a gift to the tea lover in their life.
  • An array of teaware to brew the perfect cup of tea no matter where or the size of the tea desired.
  • Gift options range from Father's Day, Tea Samplers, Wedding Favors, Zodiac Gifts, Flavor Trilogy, Loose Tea Gifts to Tea Gifts.
  • Tea Pantry provides complimentary products such as honey, tea cookies, tea sugar, tea mints and spices.
  • Free shipping on orders over $49.
  • Sign up for discounts and specials.

Now when my girls and I think of tea, we think of our British heritage as I'm half English so tea time is time for fun! We also are big fans of Downton Abbey and learned a lot about tea time and the importance of tea watching that show. Having a tea party is a great way to have some summer time fun with your children. Here is one of our's:

Overall, my husband really enjoyed each of the blends of tea. His favorite was the Irish Breakfast Blend. We will be return customers as the process to order was easy and fast and the extra details shows Adagio Teas cares about their customers. The inserts explaining where some of the tea blends originate from was educational not only for myself but also for my homeschool children.

To learn more about Adagio Teas, check out the following social media sites they have:

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