Embracing a Healthy Family: Hurry and Upgrade to the HP Envy x360 Laptop and Save $100 Until July 28, 2018

Hurry and Upgrade to the HP Envy x360 Laptop and Save $100 Until July 28, 2018

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post for the HP Envy x360 Laptop.

Everything is technology driven and with that is a need for the best computers. At least in my family where we have tablets, laptops and desktops, we don't have time to be bogged down with sluggish computers or those without the most up to date features. I blog, of course, but I'm also an author and a homeschooling parent so I need technology that supports my lifestyle as well as my family's. I purchased a lesser type model of another brand and regret it every time I have to use it. When I read about the HP Envy x360 Laptop, I was sold for many reasons. Some of the features that are most appealing include:

  • The Windows 10 Operating System actually has the old Windows 7 Start Menu which I love! Not only did it roll back and bring that back but it also includes new features like the Edge Web browser that lets you mark up the web pages! Isn't that really cool? 
    • Built for Windows Ink which allows the user to jot sticky notes, sketch and draw on screenshots with your pen. No pen?  Just use your finger or a mouse it's that easy. It's a handy feature to jot down reminders such as call the doctor or pick up dinner.
    • My teen and tween would love that sketchpad functionality which allows the user to use a pen, pencil, highlighter, etc. It would definitely bring out their creativity whenever they want to draw something or to use the screen shot feature.
  • The full HD touch screen is 1920 x 1080 resolution that will provide rich robust colors without compromising any clarity. Finger touch technology is also a nice feature to have instead of relying on a mouse all the time.
  • The HP Envy x360 has 8GB of system memory making it ideal for multi-tasking and game playing! AMD processors make them fast and thin! Game playing would spark the interest in every one of my family member's eyes! The photo and video editing applications would leave them salivating as well. They play around with making their own videos and to have a laptop this robust with these capabilities would make them extremely happy!
  • The 360° flip-and-fold design makes it versatile by allowing it to be viewed by an audience, on your lap, on a table or even tablet form. This great 2-in-1 device allows the user to go from laptop to tablet in seconds!

If you are ready to upgrade to a faster, thinner, full HD touch laptop that has the ability to convert from a laptop to a tablet in seconds, this is the choice for you! Extra features like Windows Ink is such a innovative concept and with the video and photo editing applications, it's a win for our house whether at home or on the go!

Check out the HP Envy x360 Laptop 13 inch or the HP Envy x360 Laptop 15 inch now. 

Purchase before July 28th and save $100!

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