Embracing a Healthy Family: Reading Eggs' 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fifth Grade Review

Reading Eggs' 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fifth Grade Review

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Reading Eggs' offers workbooks to compliment their digital online reading and math programs. We reviewed the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fifth Grade workbook that provided 36-weeks of lessons covering spelling, comprehension and grammar lessons. Each lesson was not long with only a page a day requiring around 15 minutes a day. My daughter enjoys reading and writing and this workbook provides just the right amount of lesson material per day. The design behind the workbook is it builds 200 essential reading skills that will produce a better reader, speller, writer and orator in my opinion. By reinforcing new skills by repetition, Reading Eggs utilizes this proven technique to assist the student in long-term retention while building deeper understanding. 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fifth Grade workbook provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes:

  • 200 essential reading skills
  • 72 Comprehension Lessons
  • Fiction and Nonfiction Texts
  • 72 Spelling Lessons
  • 36 Grammar Lessons
  • 4 Reviews that test knowledge
  • Answer sheets included
  • Year planner
  • Full color workbook
  • 217 pages

Things I noted about the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fifth Grade workbook that I particularly liked:

  • The Table of Contents is comprehensive and easy to follow. It allows the parent/teacher or student an easy to follow path on what they already learned or will learn.
  • There is a year planner which I like to see curriculums provide this to ensure I'm on target with my student.
  • The workbook is full of color and each page is not too busy. Students, especially younger ones, are drawn to colorful page and it breaks it up from being a regular black and white textbook.
  • The instructions on each page require the student to ensure they are reading and following direction which I loved! My two younger children do not do this well enough and I have found after using the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fifth Grade, she is listening much better.
  • Great value! The workbook is so comprehensive covering so many skills, it's a great bargain.
  • Reading workbooks cover grades K through 5th.
  • The student can self-check their work or the parent/teacher can review it with them.

Overall, we really liked the workbook because my daughter said it was fun. She enjoyed the stories and the corresponding activities that reinforced comprehension skills. The spelling words and challenge words included reinforcement activities that required her to utilize a dictionary and really worked in getting her to understand the definition behind new potential spelling words. I loved how suffixes, prefixes and Latin origins were also introduced as well as the variety of activities from cross word puzzles to unscrambling words and more. I honestly can't say enough on how much I love the workbook and wished they would create more for higher grades!

Online Reading Eggs Suite

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Reading Eggs also offers online programs for Reading and Math Seeds. I utilized Reading Eggs for one of my other children in the past and she enjoyed using it and it helped her to read. I also like that not only are their online programs wonderful, but the workbooks really compliment the learning process. I just recently found out they also have reading books, activity books, flash cards and stickers to supplement their other products.


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