Embracing a Healthy Family: Our Review of Fun Family Chess by Brain Blox

Our Review of Fun Family Chess by Brain Blox

My children and grandchildren love to play games as most kids do. My daughters also love to play chess as they were introduced to the game years ago by my beloved father. Since they still haven't mastered how to play, I jumped at the chance to review Fun Family Chess by Brain Blox. It's a fun, color-coded game system that allows you to learn as you go. What is also nice is you can play the Fun Family Chess way or revert to standard chess. The game is fully equipped with reference cards, a chess cube, a full color instruction book and of course the chess board and pieces which are made of wood. This seems to be a rarity anymore with many games made in plastic. This was even more special because their grandfather's chess set was made of wood too.

The folding carrying case holds everything and it's made of a nice velvet material inside with two velvet bags that holds each color of the wooden chess pieces. The chess pieces have nice felt bottoms which to me, rounds out how well this set is made. Every detail has been considered to make this a set that will be around for a long time.

As many know, chess isn't just for fun as it provides a chance to improve memory, increases problem solving abilities and helps with concentration. This set includes all you need to get the brain powered up along with creating a little competition! 

To play the Fun Family Chess, it's super easy and involves such a few easy steps:

  1. Each player places their pieces on the board as shown in the full color instruction book. The book is full of engaging illustrations, instructions and extra verbiage.
  2. The players are instructed to set out the Reference Cards and Chess Cube.
  3. As a note, the light side goes first by rolling the Chess Cube.
  4. The player will match the symbol from the Chess Cube to the same color on the Reference Card. A star rolled allows the player to move any piece they want.
  5. Based on the Reference Card's instruction,t he player will then move if they are able to. There are a couple of extra details that helps to explain situations based on pieces left on the board that you will have to buy the game to see!
  6. Players have to capture each other's pieces to move to the path of winning.
  7. The winner is the one that captures the other player's king which is similar to standard chess.

There are also instructions on how to play standard chess which does not involve using the Chess Cube, the player is not restricted in which pieces they want to move based on the Cube and Reference Card, pawns, once they make it to the other side, can be promoted to another piece, en Passant and Castling. I have to admit that I learned two things as I did not know what en Passant and Castling was.


This was a fun review for us and we loved the quality of the game from Brain Blox. The flexibility to play the Fun Family Chess way or the standard way was also nice. That flexibility of game level allows a young player all the way to adult. I would much rather my children play board games where they have to utilize brain power in solving problems and learn critical thinking abilities.

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