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Rethink What Matters: Rethink The Need to Find Yourself

I think it's a common desire regardless of your gender and perhaps your age to a certain extent.  I think the whole purpose of personal goal setting accentuates this need to rethink the need to find yourself.  It's so easy to be caught up in the day to day demands we put on ourselves both out of necessity and what we perceived to be what we need.  I am in one of those modes where Bare Escentuals' campaign to this week's question, "Rethink the Need to Find Yourself," is perfect.

The quiz allows you to ponder where you are and what you have yet to accomplish.  Some would argue that life is never ending path of learning and I tend to agree.  What is so wonderful about our lives is if you figure out who you are and what you want to be, you have the options to alter the course you are on!

Upon completing the quiz, I was in the majority on four of the five questions so I know I keep good company!  Even though I'm not the same girl I was 13 year's ago, I can still get where I want to be once I rethink!

Every week, 500 random women will reap the benefits by participating in Bare Escentuals' campaign by answering some easy questions:  http://www.rethinkwhatmatters.com/

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