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David C Cook and Case Makers Academy's Forensic Faith for Kids Review

My youngest is a HUGE fan of Corgi dogs so when this review was presented, I jumped. She also is very interested in learning more about God which this book provides an excellent resource in diving into critical thinking. David C Cook and Case Makers Academy sent us Forensic Faith for Kids to read along with great online activities. This book is important to me because in today's society, there seems to be bigger pushes in denying God. The book, along with the online activities, draws the kids into thinking deeper and for themselves. I liked how they pressed upon not just taking another person's word for something even if they provide a compelling heart felt opinion as to why their way of thinking is right.

Forensic Faith for Kids

Throughout the book, there are various "extra's" such as: Dig Deep - Visit the Online Academy, CSI Assignments, various black and white illustrations as well as questions that make the cadets think a bit further in applying what they just learned from a Christian point of view. It's really a great book in applying the Bible to a story that is appealing to children while directing them in a non-obvious educational way to them. The fact that it had Bible versus, references to the Bible often and facts about Corgi dogs, really brought my cadet's interest in full circle. The book is not the only fun feature of this review as noted above, there is an online academy.
The Case Makers Academy is full of fun activities for children. The young cadets have an opportunity to work with Daniel, Hannah and Jason as they learn how to become detectives with Detective Jeffries. There are fun downloadable activities and videos to watch, and at the end, they can print off a certificate. The three sections include:

  • Cold-Case Christianity for Kids - Investigate Jesus with a Real Detective. This has eight chapters and a Postscript on how to be a detective along with downloadables that compliment each chapter. Above are two screen shots of the sheets that can be printed. They are a lot of fun and more importantly, they teach cadets on how to really think about things and investigate further instead of taking things at face value. Critical thinking is vital in so much. One of the things I really like about this review was the reinforcement of resisting "philosophical naturalism." The Adult Leader Guide was also helpful in providing information to help guide my little cadet further. The website is easy to navigate and it's colorful which is appealing to children. Each chapter is short and gets to the point in what the cadet needs to learn.
    • God's Crime Scene for Kids - Investigate the Case for God's Existence. This is set up similar to Cold-Case Christianity for Kids with eight chapters and a Postscript. They are short and concise videos with accompanying downloads to really enhance each chapter's lesson.
    • Forensic Faith - Become a More Reasonable Follower of Jesus is just like the other two lessons within the Academy. The first photo below shows my cadet watching one of the chapter's videos. The second photo shows her reviewing the download available to print.

    Overall, my daughter really enjoyed this book and thought it was "very cool!" I would recommend this as I think it's done in such a fun way and brings critical thinking to the forefront which is something that I think is needed more in educational products. I love that it's also Christian based. 
    David C Cook and Case Makers Academy has a win with Forensic Faith for Kids in our family!

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    Review: Northwest Treasures' Dinosaurs and the Bible Online Class Is Fossil-istic

    I have always had an interest in geology so I was excited to have the opportunity to watch the introductory video Taking the Mystery Out of Geology and to have my dinosaur loving daughter take the Dinosaurs and the Bible from Northwest Treasures. Dinosaurs are fun and most kids love dinosaurs and who would have even connected the idea of dinosaurs with the Bible? It's a great way to get your child or student thinking on a grander level of all things began with God if you haven't already.

    I found Taking the Mystery out of Geology a good pre-cursor to Dinosaurs and the Bible. The short 20 minute video helps to provide an introductory to geology. Patrick Nurre provides an easy to understand connection between geology from a Biblical perspective.  The photographs that accompany his lecture are perfect and his repetitive references to the Bible is an excellent manner in ensuring children understand the world with an unshakable foundation with the Bible. Many schools will teach geology with no references at all to the Bible or God which to me, seems impossible to do. Many won't even provide a connection and will try to tie it with some other non-proven scientific explanation. Mr. Nurre teaches 13 important terms in understanding geology. He doesn't complicate it and makes it easier to understand with examples such as his simple template of time events from Creation to Post Flood Period. As he concludes the course, "go deeper in your geology study. Grow deeper in your faith."

    Northwest Treasures' Dinosaurs and the Bible is perfect in helping to explain how dinosaurs can be taught hand in hand with the Bible. I have not done a good enough job of reinforcing Bible reading and I found this course is ideal in helping to reinforce what she knows as well as understanding more about how the Bible correlates with geologic events and dinosaurs. The supplemental photographs, actual photographs of bones and artifacts, words and more makes it more interesting than just merely watching the instructor. After each lesson, there is a worksheet to complete and at the end, there will be a comprehensive test. They also encourage communication via e-mail.

    Dinosaurs and the Bible is a six part series that run from 16:23 minutes to 21:38 minutes long. Each part is broken down to:

    • Lesson 1: How We Got Our Modern View of Dinosaurs
    • Lesson 2: The Classification of Dinosaurs
    • Lesson 3: Dinosaurs and the Bible, The Great Dinosaur Rush
    • Lesson 4: The Extinction of the Dinosaurs
    • Lesson 5: Dinosaurs and the Ice Age
    • Lesson 6: Fossils, Age, and Soft Tissue

    I absolutely love how he does not teach the course in absolutes from mainstream teaching. Topics like evolution and carbon dating is based on theories and have not been proven. I prefer my children be taught subjects in conjunction with the Bible as that's truth to me. He really makes the student think and to start questioning the acceptable way things are taught. While teaching, he never diminishes the contribution of all the dinosaur finds of the past. It really opened my daughter's eyes especially after watching some other courses online. 

    We recommend Northwest Treasures' Dinosaurs and the Bible as it provides a firm Biblical foundation to include discussing limitations of how this topic is taught in the mainstream. Online courses allow the student to complete it on their own schedule, to pause or stop and resume later. The six part segments are not too long and are definitely not boring.

    I liked the course so much, I've been telling everyone I can about how it's a must see!

    There are other courses to include fossil kits available such as Geology for "Little Eyes" (PreK-3rd).

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