Embracing a Healthy Family: Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System review
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Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System Pitcher Review & Giveaway - CLOSED WINNER


Bye, bye Aquafina!

I received my Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System pitcher for review from an opportunity on the Product Review Place and Lindsay (thank you!)!  I always call my husband a computer geek but I'm starting to accept that I'm a reviewer geek.  I waited impatiently for my Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System after reading all the other great reviews on this innovative product that not only delivers purified water but you can purchase flavor cartridges to jazz up the tastes. 

After I received my Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System, there are specific instructions on a first time use whereas you need to soak the filter for 15 minutes and then rinse.  After you complete the step and have a cleaned pitcher (no dishwashers), you can start to assemble your choice of flavors or leave it plain.  The beauty with this system is you have a choice!  You can choose any flavor they offer or enjoy the great taste of purified water.  If you want to change the flavor, you don't have to wait until the cartridge is empty.

The water definitely tasted better filtered than straight out the tap.  Something about the Savannah River water isn't appealing to me relative to the taste and odor.  I have bought Aquafina for years but now I can happily say I will switch.  I'm a very picky water drinker and up until now, I would only drink Aquafina so switching to Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System is a huge step for me.  I'm also in the middle of a weight loss program so the more water I consume, the better.  The flavors will provide a variance and encourage me to stay motivated as plain water after awhile becomes dull.

It's reasonably priced too:

The cartridges pay for themselves in the bottled water you don't have to purchase:

These filters provide up to 40 gallons (1 to 2 months) of crystal clean water. Reduces lead and removes microbiological cysts while leaving beneficial fluoride in the water. Can also help remove 96% of trace pharmaceuticals found in some tap water supplies.
The flavor cartridges come in the following flavors:
  • Lemon
  • Grape - I tried this one and was surprised that I liked it.  I think I'll prefer the lemon flavor which I'm going to buy today.
  • Rasberry
  • Strawberry
  • Peach
The cartridges are great for my weight loss program as they have 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sodium, 0 fat and 0 sugars!

To get special coupons and offers from Pur, click here:

To read some alarming news about our water supply, click here with a story that has excerpts of an interview with the EPA.

I almost forgot to note that my six year old LOVED it!  She likes water but was fascinated with this new gadget and had to have it as soon as I assembled it.  She preferred the plain water as she's not a grape or rasberry fan.  I think she will enjoy the lemon flavor.  As a mom, getting rid of the sodas is a high priority and this gives her an option in between other products of water I purchase to replenish her electrolytes.

I highly recommend the Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System to anyone.  Not only will you have peace of mind that some of the contaminants, pollutants and pharmaceutical residues are getting removed, it's cheaper and it's fun for the little ones!

The Giveaway:

Your own Pur Flavor Options Water Filtration System! 

To Enter:
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Giveaway ends October 31, 2009 (Happy Halloween!) at midnight (EST)

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