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The Critical Thinking Co.™ Understanding Pre-Algebra Review

The Critical Thinking Co.™

Math has not been my strong suit nor one of my children's. When presented the opportunity to review another product that might help both of us, I was happy to sign up. What I found about The Critical Thinking Co.™ Understanding Pre-Algebra math curriculum is it was easy to follow. It provided both of us an opportunity to learn together. Understanding Pre-Algebra teaches students in understanding the concepts and elements that lead to discovery. It's broken down into 15 chapters with a final exam, a glossary and all the answers making it a year long curriculum. 

What I liked about how the Understanding Pre-Algebra is:

  • How the lessons are set up. The student will read a few pages and then practice what they learned. 
  • The pages are also broken up with bits of background information as well as little drawings and important boxes containing math rules in different colors thus making the page more pleasant for a student especially if they might feel overwhelmed. 
  • The book is large which I feel is better than cramming a lot of information in a smaller book.
  • The pages are perforated allowing for the parent/teacher or student to tear out a lesson and complete outside the book which I prefer. 
  • You can start wherever you feel the student needs to begin. For example, if the student is already proficient in chapters 1-3, begin at 4 and there will be no disruption to the learning process.
  • The Reference Sheet also provides List of Formulas and a Table of Square Roots 1-120 that I laminated allowing her to keep it nearby when needed to complete the practice sections.

As the student progresses through the lessons, the concepts continue adding to their understanding and preparing them for Algebra. I think it's a well thought out curriculum and honestly wished I had this when I was in middle school. It's helped my 11-year-old understand more to where she's not so afraid of Algebra now. I feel the page layouts help to eliminate the intimidation factor and provides just enough instruction to not overwhelm the student thus encouraging them to continue on as they progress with each practice reinforcing that they do truly understand what they are learning.

I would recommend the The Critical Thinking Co.™ Understanding Pre-Algebra math curriculum for grades 6-8 or for anyone needing a refresher or someone who never really understood Algebra from years ago! Although she's still not a fan of math, she at least understood it better.

The Critical Thinking Co.™
Understanding Pre-Algebra

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